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Monday, August 31, 2015

Letter_Week 29_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

Dear Family,
So... the news that we are not moving to Vienna, Austria brought me to tears, and I'm letting myself feel this. I trust the Lord and my Father in Heaven.

I learned this week in Gospel Doctrine class that Peace is a Gift of the Spirit.  You receive it by personal revelation and you especially get it in the temple. John 14:27 and John 16:33. The lesson this past Sunday was about the Temple and how it was the promise of the blessings members receive there that was the staying power of the early saints who immigrated from all over the world to the United States. It was the best lesson. I made a comment about the power of the temple, and the teacher came up to me and sat down next to me after class. He said only a few words, but they were powerful in their own way and an answer to my prayers. To quote the young man from President Monson's talk on temples,“I had faith Heavenly Father would bless me, but I never could have imagined that He would send someone to help me... I know now that all will be well."

The reason this lesson was so significant to me is because I have been praying to feel peace. I've also been studying the scriptures and the words of the modern prophets to know HOW to rely more upon Jesus Christ. He said roughly "The Savior says "My Peace I give unto you". That peace is a gift. You get it especially in the Temple. Keep up your reading." WHOA! The confirmation of the Spirit hit me like a shot directly through the heart. Even now that statement is giving me hope and it was totally how God helped to prepare me for the difficult news of not going home to Vienna.

Go to the temple. I can't go until November, and it will most likely be the last time I get to go while on my mission. I wish I could go more often.

My faith is strengthened and not shaken.

I love you all! We will all be better in the end. The Lord consecrates all our performance for our good as we keep our covenants and rely upon him.

We found 4 new investigators and one of them is on date for baptism! Miracles are happening all the time. The harvest is now, there is not planting seeds, EVER. We are only making contact with the Light of Christ.

Favorite scripture is John 14:27!
Sister Karony-ism for the week is that I taught Sister Crofts how to catch chickens, as we caught the escapee chickens of our neighbors this week for service. Got gouged by chicken wire though. Cleaned it, but it was all red and warm and weird colored and my arm was slightly tender and swollen. I've had my shots, so I knew it wasn't tetanus and it didn't look like it either. We couldn't go to the doctor, so, after disinfecting everything, I cut open my arm a little bit and dug out a piece of chicken wire that had broken off in my arm, it was tiny thankfully. It hurt though! Now my arm's all better and healing normally!!! Stupid, I know, but it was fun in a weird way. There was some element of being-a-missionary-in-a-third-world-country about it that felt familiar to me. I'm telling you this so you can laugh, so please do. If I had left it alone, then it would've gotten way worse. 

Transfers are on the 9th of September, just FYI. 

I love you all!

Sister Karony

Inline image 1

​Another dust storm​! Can barely see the neighbors!

Inline image 2
Post operation. SORRY! we only had tiny band aids and these large gauze pads, so it looks a lot more dramatic than it actually is. 

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