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Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter_Week 27_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

President and Sister Lewis really are the coolest people ever!

I'm not sure if I ever gave the official count of how many companions I had last transfer, so sorry if I'm repeating myself! 

But there were 37 Relief Society Sisters who came out with me as my companion. I thank my Father in Heaven for all of them and all that they made possible to be accomplished by being there to assist and support me in His work. These sisters varied in age and stages of life, whether they had grown kids, no kids, little kids, jobs, no job, they all took time to be there. I love and miss them all!

-I'm not feeling discouraged at all, maybe frustrated, but I'm striving to humble myself. I am feeling pretty exhausted a lot, but it's getting better as I just go out and do. I am striving to let go and forget myself in the work. I'm living the Doctrine of Christ and giving the Lord a little improvement each day.

-I'm NEVER giving up, in, or out!!!!!!!!!! The Lord is my light and I will never forsake!!!!!!!!!!!! *queue battle cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

-Triumphs of this week:
~We did 9 1/2 hours of service!  Most of which was unplanned. We got to surprise a less active sister by showing up with our service clothes and not taking "no" for an answer. It was super funny! She's an awesome lady and I'm glad we got a chance to help her out.

~We met a lot of members and we had them all think of three nonmembers that they can help come unto Christ and then come up with a plan to invite those people to take actions that would lead to that. We are going to follow up with them in a few days and are excited! 

~Yesterday in PEC (priesthood executive committee) we got a bunch of referrals and another from some other members after church! We contacted as many as we could, but will finish doing that today!

~We found a bunch of new potentials this week, but we were not able to any set return appointments... this week we'll find more! And all of this week's and last week's will become new investigators! I can feel it! We are doing better everyday with getting out of our comfort zone and talking with everyone, even when it's awkward. We have already seen miracles of talking with some awesome people who will soon be officially investigators!

-You know when Pilate asks Jesus "What is truth?" and the scriptures don't record an answer? Well that bugged me a bit, but then I was reading the scriptures this week when I read (I don't have my notes and can't remember where it was,) that Christ is truth! Just like how light, Spirit, intelligence, and truth are interchangeable in the scriptures, Christ is truth! That's what those who are of the truth heareth His voice! I was so excited to figure that out and I had a total scriptorian nerd-out!

-My favorite scriptures this week is 2 Nephi 32:3-6. The word of Christ will TELL, the Holy Ghost will SHOW, and Christ in the flesh shall SAY what you are to do! How cool! I've been searching to know how I can turn more to Christ and rely upon Him, and this is the beginning answer of my search.

-All the answers I've been receiving and experiencing, like what I've written above, have strengthened my testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, that the Priesthood has been restored, and that the Book of Mormon is true and the word of God! This is my simple, but fervent testimony! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

I love ya'll's! I really look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks for all your letters!

Sister Karony

​Driving during a dust storm! I be sketchy looking!

Inline image 1

​We had a severe dust storm warning on Friday that said to avoid traveling... this is a view through our room's window of our "backyard​" farmyard... gives you a small taste of life in the days of the giant dust-bowl storms! there was even a 40 car pile-up between Ritzville and the Tri-cities where 2 semi's caught fire! Luckily Friday is our planning day, so we didn't drive until after it got a little better in the evening. I'm getting LOTS of diverse driving experience!

Inline image 2
Smoke from the fires burning up in Chelan and Wenatchee are blocking out the sun! It's been killer on my allergies. This picture was taken yesterday around 7:30pm.

Inline image 3
Sign made by members' daughter a couple weeks ago when we came for dinner. Cute!

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