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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 12_Yakima_Sister Karony


So much has happened! I'm staying in Yakima!!!
Sister Dickson is going to Pasco and I'm recieving Hermana Williams (Hermana means "Sister" in Spanish). I'm going to miss my 4th trainer! She's going to do awesome things though back in Pasco again! 

Thank you to all the family and friends who wrote and emailed me this pasrt month. I loved it all. I'm sorry if I haven't written you back yet, because there is so little time to do letters on Mondays. It doesn't mean I don't love you! I will get back to you soon, promise!

I got my groovebook and it's awesome! Thanks Mom! Please get me my March, April, and May 2015 Ensigns and we will call it even! ;P

-I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!!! Every disappointment just fuels my fire and reminds me that it's God's plan, not mine. I'm so grateful He's in charge.
-This week I felt triumphant:
~When I remembered today to feed our members' chinchilla so it wouldn't starve to death... they are in Disney World for the next week or so, and left us incharge.  
~When our potential investigator became our new investigator this past Monday, and in her 1st lesson we put her on date to be baptized on May 30th! She is so excited! Also we had invited her to come to church, and right before it started we got a text from her saying she didn't have anything to wear and so she wouldn't be coming, but was going to her sister's to do laundry instead. Only 2 out of the total of 3 texts were sent though, before she called us and said she was turning her car around and coming to church anyway, even though she was wearing sweat pants!!! She came to Sacrament meeting and loved it! There was a baby blessing and a confirmation of an eight year old. She is so excited to get the Holy Ghost for herself and can't wait for the 30th! The members were amazing and welcomed her and payed no mind to her attire. She felt their genuine love and she is excited to come again next Sunday. Our members are SO AWESOME!!!!!  
~We also had two other investigators come to church. It was an awesome fast sunday! Fast and testimony meeting was perfect for all our investigators! The Lord provides indeed! We acted in faith, and look at the miracles God has wrought! We are nothing, but in Him and His strength we can and will do all things in Him which are needful! 
-I felt content and peaceful this week when we met with one of our investigators and put her on date. It was such a serene and surreal experience to be teaching someone as prepared as she is. Everything was just clicking right into place.  Our experiences this past week with her, who has been SO prepared for the Gospel, it has strengthened my testimony of the miracles that come when you act in faith and are not afraid to offend as you open your mouth to share the message of the Restoration. She was on a walk when we stopped her to talk to her. Now look at where we're at, where she's at! We acted in faith and God saw fit to work a miracle. 
"Obedience is the Price! Faith is the Power! The Spirit is the Key! Christ is THE Way! And, Love is the Motivation!" 
-My favorite Scripture this week is D&C 24:12. Sister Dickson and I memorized this together. It's awesome! 
"And at all times, and in all places, [she] shall open [her] mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I shall give unto [her] strength such as is not known among men." 
-My Sister Karony-ism for this week is that one of our investigators now always keeps the last root beer left in her fridge to save it for me when we come over to teach her. AWWWWWWW!!!!! I love her! She just gets more awesome all the time! She started doing this because I've asked for a root beer each time we've been there when she's offered refreshments. (Don't worry though, I drink TONS of water too!) 
~Another one is that I've said "awesome-sauce" so much that our members and investigators use it all the time around me to describe things. Hahahaha! I'm so adorkable!

I'm going to miss being with Sister Dickson, but the Lord has His plan; and it's going to be awesome-sauce!!!

Stay Awesome-sauce everyone!

Sister Karony

Inline image 1
​My gorgeous companion and I after successful Sunday of miracles! What an awesome last Sunday together! We had 3 investigators at church!!! WOOP!!!

Inline image 2

​We are such awesome gardeners that we grew a rabbit in a flower pot!!!​ Hi Charlie!

Inline image 3
Only the inside of a missionary's phone would look like this!

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