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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 05_Yakima_Sister Karony

Hey Ya'll's!
Guess what?
*Blaring trumpets and drum roll* 
This week I'm having a baptism!!! One of our investigators is following the example of Jesus Christ this Saturday and being baptized! WOOHOO!!! He's awesome! Lots has happened this week!

-Can't recall any discouragement at the moment...

-I've never felt like giving up! I'm a Karony! We don't give up! We go big or go home! We fail with flair and fireworks! We endure to the end!

-Boy! There's been a lot this week to feel triumphant about!: 
~We had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders (STLs) Sister Toomer and Sister Pugh. Sister Toomer came to be with me in my area. I got us a bit lost walking around in Union Gap (another city right by Yakima that we cover part of), but after 20 mins and lots of OYMs (open your mouth/talking to people) later I found where we were trying to go, and I can finally say that I know how to get around there!!! Wahoo! I am horrible with directions, but the Lord is blessing me and helping me improve and acquire (very slowly) this skill. In addition to that I had absolutely no real idea of how I was going to do taking charge of all our lessons that day and planning it all out, but it turned out awesomely! I am SO GRATEFUL for the Holy Ghost and that we are never alone in this work, or life in general. I would've sunk with style without that help! Sister Karony vs. uncertainty, Sister Karony KO's uncertainty!!! 
~We have a baptism this Saturday for our investigator and he is so excited. He doesn't care who baptizes him, as long as they have the priesthood and can make sure he can get back out of the"tank". We love teaching him. He bore us his simple and beautiful testimony of how important it is to have the Gospel in our lives. The Spirit was so strong. I almost cried. It's so beautiful to watch how a person changes under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Sister Hunt and I have been talking about how in so many ways it feels  our investigators are just growing up so fast! Our other 2 ODs (on dates) are also super solid and will have their baptisms in April. What a wonderful blessing and opportunity it's been to be here to take part in this process with them!

-I felt content and peaceful this past Sacrament meeting as I wrote in my journal and felt a little closer to my mom who's on the other side of the country.

-My experiences over the course of my exchange with Sister Toomer were insightful. It was reinforced to me once again that I really can do excellent under pressure and that without the Spirit I would've royally failed. It just goes to show that "the Church is true, the Book is blue, and Moroni's on the ball"! Thank heavens for Heaven. I planned our day well and took the lead in the lessons with the investigators and taught by the Spirit. I didn't have Sister Hunt there, so I had to make the decisions and really listen to the Spirit and his promptings. I messed up and got us a bit lost, but figured it out eventually. This experience strengthened my testimony in the power of the Holy Ghost. All you have to do is open your mouth and God does the rest.

-My favorite scripture this week is Moroni 10:5 "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."

I love you my crazy family! Stay awesome! Toodles!

Sister Karony

Sister Karony

Inline image 1
Sister Karony and Sister Toomer on exchanges!!! We rocked it!

Inline image 2
Creepy sign manikin.... the girl in the red tank is not the manikin.

Inline image 3
RAINBOW!!! It's official! Yakima is where you'll find the pot of Golden Investigators this St. Patrick's day!!!

Inline image 4
A long haired rat--I mean guinea pig....

Inline image 5
Bonnie and Clyde!!!!! Only in Yakima!

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