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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 15_Yakima_Sister Karony


It's a blessing to have a temple we can go to in the mission, even though it makes p-day even crazier and freaks our families out if they don't know what's happening. Good thing my fam are pros! ;) hahaha! It was awesome to be at the Temple, a spiritual recharge that was sorely needed for me. The past few weeks have been awesome and miraculous, but so hard and have been requiring a ton of patience and long-suffering, which I don't always have in abundance. A lot has been demanded of me.

Last week we also had Zone conference which was awesome, all the missionaries going home when I was "supposed" to go home really wrenched my heart with their departing testimonies. There goes some of the greatest missionaries known to mankind in this age. Off to the next adventure! Man, I do not want to even think about the end of my mission, I just got back! We also got this system called "TIWI" in all our cars. It monitors our driving and tells us corrections when we're speeding, not wearing a seat belt, or driving aggressively. They said it improves missionary driving by 99%! Crazy! Elder Tiwi is a new addition to the mission family. They really want us to come home safe!

-I felt a little sick yesterday after eating dinner at red robin with a gift card and had 3 root beer floats (they had bottomless root beer floats available! I couldn't say no!); that was definitely a once in a VERY long time thing. It was super yummy though!

-I was super discouraged when a couple of our investigators hit a snag and there was nothing we could do to help them through it. It took a lot of prayers, and some fasting, but they've pulled through it all, and are still progressing towards baptism. The Lord tries us through fire and we come forth as gold! It's also been hard and I've been frustrated because of my lack of motivation to talk with people lately. I open my mouth and I'm lucky if I squeak! I'm scared and it's ticking me off! I'm so glad we went to the Temple today because I got my answers I needed. I'm striving to develop the gift of charity now and to keep focusing and refocusing my faith in Jesus Christ, not in the fruits of our labors. I'm learning. AND I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!! I'd rather keep putting my whole heart on the line and feel all the agony and joy than to withdraw to protect myself from hurt and disappointment. No more running away, no more hiding. I am invested and WILL overcome these challenges through the strength my Savior gives me as I act in faith to serve Him. "He is MY Master, and He has chosen ME to represent Him"!

-I felt triumphant when I realized that all these things I'm going through will be for my benefit as I endure to the end. I've already receive the assurance that I'm on the right path, and that if I keep following and holding onto the Light that's been given me to follow, the path will just keep getting brighter and higher, until I've finally made it home again with Him. long-suffering and patience is required, but that's why I'm not alone and we all have a Savior who makes us more than we could ever become otherwise. 
-I also caught 2 mice this past week, one for a member and the other for our investigator. They both had cats bring live mice into the house. Apparently I'm just plain awesome! I did my good for that day! Hahahaha! Now this can count as a Sister Karony-ism for this week. Love ya! 
-I felt content and peaceful as we were in the Temple and feeling the Spirit. I definitely feel better now. Hello world! Here comes Sister Karony!!!!! 
-My testimony grew in the need for charity this week. That's the answer to all the crazy hard suff I'm going through. I need to have Charity. Love is the motivation. Now I'm out to get some!!! I am striving to be like Shiblon and "bridle my passions" so that I'll "be filled with love". 
-Favorite Scripture this week is D&C 92:2. It's was part of the answer to my prayer today when I went to the temple.

Read the scriptures every day and keep praying! Stay awesome-sauce! Thank you for all your support!

Sister Karony

Inline image 7

​SOAKING WET!!!! Doesn't even come close to how wet we were!​ IT WAS AWESOME!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Inline image 5

​Introducing Elder Tiwi! The only time we'll ever have a lone Elder in a Sisters' car! ​

Inline image 2
​Yakima Zone! WOOHOOO! 

In order left to right: Elders Brady, Newbold, Winkler, Lafond,​ Bodine (He's from Aunt Chris' ward! He came out with me this 2nd time. SMALL WORLD!), Roudabush, Christopherson, and Clarkson, and Sister Karony, Hermana Leyva, Sister Pugh, and Hermana Williams. (Yes, I'm the tallest Sister :D)

​After a long day's work and a walk through the rain and thunder. Didn't turn in until the lightning got really bad. Turns out there was flash flooding going on, but we were kept safe. Didn't even know that until we checked our phone before bed.​

Inline image 4 Lots of rain lately. We even got marble sized hail! Not bad enough to ruin the car though. We need the moisture though, that's for sure!

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