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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 16_Yakima_Sister Karony

I love the letters I got this week! You're awesome Popsicle! The Utah Crippler! Hilarious!!! I'm glad if anything, everyone back home still has a good sense of humor! Mom thanks for your letter too. I'm grateful for your examples to me of being parents, and I know I'm lucky to have you two!

Went to the dentist today and it was awesome! No cavities! And my teeth feel so clean! Apparently though I have an upper set of wisdom teeth that are coming in, but not for a while. Thought I didn't have any at all! The things you learn when you leave home!!!

We had 2 baptisms this Saturday and both were confirmed in Sacrament meeting the next day! Two awesome children of God!

Special News!!!!! From email from President and Sister Ware: 
Let us Unite as One Mission so the Lord will hear our many prayers of faith and grant that our investigators will feel His Spirit, gain a testimony, spiritually progress and keep their commitments and be baptized. Please invite as many members as you would like to join you on this Day of Fasting and Prayers of Great Faith. We are reaching out to the WKM returned missionaries to add their faith and prayers with ours." 
You're also invited to join us in this special fast!

-I felt discouraged this week when we got stranded in Union Gap and couldn't get a ride back into Yakima so we could make an appt. with an investigator who was leaving the next day for 2 weeks, because we had stuff to give him to study while on his trip. We walked over 3 miles in just over an hour and made it most of the way home before a member saw us and stopped to ask if we needed a ride. Of course we answered "YES!!!", and we got to see our investigator and give him the stuff, AND we made it home by curfew! That was a LONG walking day! I hope this area gets it's own car soon, because we need our own! But, it's on the Lord's time, not ours. So, until then, we'll just keep walking, and enjoy it, even if our feet hurt! So I felt triumphant here too because we did our best and God made up the rest! 
-Also felt crazy and triumphant when we had the minimum amount of people at both of our baptisms, because there were like 5 other things going on at the same times and it was so hard to get speakers and priesthood holders to be there. However, we managed because the Lord truly provided exactly what we needed to make everything work, and I even gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, relying fully on it because that was not planned. But, again, it all worked out for the best! We really do have awesome members!

-So, I've never felt like giving up. Lost and frustrated, feeling like there's nowhere to turn, except to God; but I'M NEVER SURRENDERING!!!!

-All these apply to feeling triumphant!

-I felt content and peaceful and brimming with joy as I watched one of our investigators get baptized, and also pretend to be drowning and cracking jokes as he entered and exited the font... I love him so much! He is definitely one of Heavenly Father's special sons, and he's a light to everyone around him. He will always get you to crack a smile or laugh when you're with him, and he's never failed to do so with us! I also felt that way when he and our other investigator were both confirmed the next day. I'm so proud of them! They're both great examples to me of faith and keeping commitments!

-I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to be here to meet and serve these newest members as they learned about the Gospel and chose to live it. Watching the Spirit convert them was an experience that's strengthened my testimony of the Restoration.  I relate to Alma the younger in Alma 29:10. How merciful the Lord is to us all when we repent and come unto Him! How much He's forgiven me! I'm so humbled by all that He entrusts me to do. But without Him and His strength, I couldn't do any of  it.

-My favorite scripture this week is Alma 29:9-10, 13-16. "HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-My Sister Karony-ism this week is that I have strived to glory in the trials we've been having, to recognize the blessing we do have, and to cherish the sacred memories we make as we trek along a road way in the middle of Washington state. We have to be crazy to be doing this!

Sister Karony

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Inline image 1
Inline image 2
$279 for a Blizzard? This is why punctuation is so important!

Inline image 3
Riding in the back of a retro ambulance!

Inline image 4
Hermana Williams enjoying the ride!

Inline image 5
Our back seat buddy, Bob, and his pro-Zombie t-shirt

Inline image 6
the outside of our glorious ride home! Has DOC on the side, the three letters for Doctrine of Christ! Hahahaha! Funny coincidence! This ambulance is used to teach kids in low income neighborhoods how to do CPR and keep people alive long enough for the EMT's to get there. It's a nonprofit our investigator has started up. 

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