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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 10_Yakima_Sister Karony

This Saturday one of our investigators was baptized! And Sunday she was confirmed. So grateful to have had the chance to teach her from the beginning!
This next Saturday we have another baptism. He's excited and finally will let us get him a ride to his baptism. He tried to come to this baptism, but got lost on the way. So now he will let us help him! God provides a way for His work to be accomplished!

-I sang beautifully at the baptism this Saturday. I sang a solo of "I Feel My Savior's Love".


-This week was one filled with disappointment as appointments canceled and plans fell through, investigators weren't able to meet with us, and our food ran out early. But the Lord blessed us through members inspired by him to have lunch with us on the day we wouldn't have had it otherwise, and also the case with dinner. We learned through our shortage of food how important it is we pay our fast offerings, because it blesses others who are going through such circumstances of every degree. We were reminded that we are so dependent on the Savior and our Heavenly Father, and on members, even total strangers in our work and life right now. Talk about being humbled!

-I felt triumphant when we watched our investigator get baptized this past Saturday. I felt triumphant because she had a firm testimony in the basic principles and doctrines of the Gospel and she had refused to be discouraged in following the example of her Savior. I felt triumphant when we had a lesson with one of our other investigators and we listened to the Spirit and were bold but not overbearing, and I bridled my passions so that I would be filled with the Spirit and Christ's love. We nearly put him on date, but he did say yes to being baptized. For the past three days Sister Dickson and I have succeeded in turning one of our OYM's into a lesson. We've already seen it result in our increased unity of teaching and the power and authority that's present as we speak truth, to which the Holy Ghost can testify.

-I felt peaceful and content as I sang at the baptism this past Saturday. The Spirit was strong and it was such a privilege to bear my testimony to her of how proud her Savior and Heavenly Father are of her. 

-Another time I felt content and peaceful is also when my testimony was strengthened in the Book of Mormon. It was this morning as I read the Book of Mormon, and received a renewed witness of the Holy Ghost that it is true. The reason this brought me so much content and peace is because this past week I'd been struggling with reading the Book of Mormon and feeling the Spirit and applying it to my life and the lives of our investigators. I was seriously distressed by this, because my everything is centered on my testimony of the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. I have prayed and prayed for help this past week, and my prayers were answered in the lesson in Relief society which was about "the Power of the Word" from the manual. READ IT! It gave me the gumption needed to read my Book of Mormon with renewed veracity and I received my answer again. It reminded me that a testimony always needs to be nourished and renewed to remain strong and current.

-Favorite Scripture is Alma 4:19-20

However, before I finish this email. let me put a general disclaimer:
None of this happened because of me, it was all the Lord's work, always has been, always will be. I just feel blessed and humbled by the chance He's given me to even be a small part of His great and marvelous latter-day work. HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!! I am nothing without my God, but in Him I can do all things according to His will. I know that He will bless me in my righteous desires if they be His will.

I love you all!

Sister Karony
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​My planner cover for the month of April

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A decked out Hurse!​ Union Gap proves once more how weird it is!

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Thanks for the Chocolate covered fruit!

Attached picture is us eating ice cream given to me as a present from some members! YUM!!!

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