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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 20_Yakima_Sister Karony & Yakima Ward

Solo Sister here!

I cannot tell you even half of the miracles that have happened this week!

This week was full of getting my feet under me. I've already had like a ton of companions. It's like training a new missionary every few hours. The members are already starting to catch the spirit of missionary work and I'm so grateful! 
Sister Dunstan is my companion and she volunteered to coordinate my schedule and the sign up genius for the sisters to come out with me. My ward mission leader Brother Blair and she call up people when I don't have all the slots for the days I need filled. Bishop Black and his wife are 100% behind me and so is the entire Relief Society presidency. I am so grateful for all of them and everyone else in my Ward for stepping up and helping me in following the Lord's will, in seeing the vision that He has for Yakima. 
I have had so many instances of feeling a subtle tug of the spirit and acted upon it and found a new investigator, talked with someone, or started a fellowship between my member companion and a potential investigator. I'm going to make photo copies of my journal entries and mail them to you about this. I don't have enough time to write all the stuff that happened. But I'm listening more to the Holy Ghost, really relying upon Him. I'm not alone in this as I turn to God to direct me in the work and how to help my member companions the most as I serve with them to help them become greater member missionaries and deepen their conversion.

I've felt content and peaceful and triumphant as I've acted more and more on the promptings of the spirit and been able to walk away feeling fulfilled with a knowledge that I am acceptable to the Lord and that He's proud of me.
I'm losing myself in the work and working with the members. I was starting to struggle with getting up in the morning, but God nipped that in the bud by sticking me with the STLs and their awesome examples of obedience and consecration. I strive every day to consecrate myself to the work. I feel my desires changing more every day.
I felt discouraged when none of our investigators came to church this week, but then I realized that they'll be taken care of and that I need to keep going out and scratching, digging, hunting, and clawing to find the elect. President Ware said that he had a vision where he saw the thousands of people who are ready now for the gospel in this mission, just waiting to be found. That's why the mission is splitting, because the Lord can't hasten with only 200 missionaries, he needs 400. The hearts of the people here are ready, so I won't be discouraged as I do my best and heed the spirit and work effectively, study diligently, and have charity, because we will find them! 

I got a blessing last week on Saturday, the day before we got a text from President Ware about an unfolding miracle that he wanted to talk to us about. We called him and that's when all of this went down. I lost my car, then my companion... but the Lord in return, in true compensation, gave me a whole Ward as my companion. In the blessing He said that He was grateful for my willing heart and determination to be out here and that I would be blessed as I continued to seek God's face to know Him better and that I'll be led to find those who are prepared to here the gospel who I have been sent to find. I am so glad I got that blessing because it was the fortification and assurance that I needed to not go hysterical when I was left with out a companion. What's even funnier though, is that whe we were talking to President Ware and learning about all this, he told me that this was how the Lord was going to give me all the blessings that I've been asking for... talk about God having a sense of humor. And talk about a testimony strengthener about the Spirit and Priesthood leadership being totally true! I'm learning a lot about what it means to trust the Lord. I'm also learning a lot about effective planning and time management and training. 
My favorite scripture this week is 1 Nephi 3:7; 4:6-7. in chapter 4 it's all of verse 6 but only until  "Nevertheless I went forth" in verse 7. This is my favorite this week because it defines my situation and the circumstances I'm in. I have to go forth by the Spirit, trusting God will provide a way because I'm doing what He's called and asked me to do and He has and will never let me fail as I follow Him and do His will. 
This week has been full of miracles, even amidst the craziness!

Sister Karony

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