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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 19_Yakima_Sister Karony

So..... How to even start this email... 
We lost sharing the car this week because one of the other Sisters in the other companionship that we share the car with has to have knee surgery, but she only has this last transfer left on her mission, so us not having the car full time means she can finish and then go home to get the surgery--a no brainer decision to help a sister out!
This just goes to show that a random call from the Mission President in the morning is not a good thing... but we were happy to give it up for the cause. I'm all for Sisters finishing their missions!!! 
So that happened last Tuesday. Then we got a text from President Ware yesterday at dinner time to call him "to hear about a miracle that was unfolding"... we were at our Bishop's house for dinner and borrowed their deck. We called President and long story short, Hermana Williams was emergency transferred down to a new area in Oregon to help out, thereby going back to a Spanish area and into the WKM. 
And now, as Paul Harvey would say, 'the rest of the story':

I will not be getting a new companion and am kind of in a trio with the other Sisters we just gave the car too, the STLs (Sister Training Leaders). I say "kind of" because I'm still in my Ward and President Ware prayed about it and the Lord said He wants me to use ward members as my companions to keep the work in my Ward going. 
Apparently the Lord trusts me to undertake this feat... on top of that I moved again today from living with the other Hermanas to with the STLs. I've already correlated with my Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and Relief society President, who are all on board with this new opportunity. Idealy I won't have to be with the STLs often and will have Ward members with me so I can continue to work in my area like I would if I still had a companion. There's been one other Sister who did this earlier this year, and she had 95 different companions over the course of 6 weeks... She's in the other mission though, so I'll be unable to ask her for advice. The Wards we worked with though really caught on fire with the missionary spirit and the work boomed and is still booming. 
I am definitely overwhelmed and scared, but I'm also laughing hysterically on the inside and not terribly surprised. I knew that Hermana Williams would be going back to Spanish soon, just not this soon, and this is her 3rd emergency transfer. We both are just like "this is just how life goes for us". I know it will all work out, I'll just melt down a couple times, and be on my knees A TON, and relying heavily and completely on the Holy Ghost, and working a ton with members and training them on how to do missionary work, and surviving the awkward experience of being in a trio, and them being my leaders..., and doing weekly planning by myself, and coorelating constantly with my WML and Bishop and Ward council... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
..... ok, I'm done now. I feel like the Prophet Joseph Smith when he says in D&C 127 about being wont to swim in deep water and glorying in tribulations. that's roughly what it says.

I have less time today to write because the library is so busy, so sorry about the lack of more details. Still have to write President Ware. I love you all!

Stay awesome-sauce ya'll's!!!

Sister Karony

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