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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 19_Othello_Sister Karony

SO MUCH FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear that I'm going to be a short fat oompa loompa if I keep getting fed this way down here! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I swear that I could go days now without eating and STILL be stuffed full! I've eaten like two dinners most days this week! I know it's dumb to complain about eating too much when it could easily be the other way around, but when you can't control your diet it inevitably comes back to bite you! Feed us healthy food! Feed yourselves healthy food! Heaven help us all!!!

Ok, I'm done now :)

So yesterday we were going to be fed by some of the Spanish ward, but we got the wrong time and place so we ended up eating our investigator's pot-stickers she'd made for the barbecue with the Elders and having our own party! In the end we did eat with them and they smashed confetti eggs on our heads! Wonderful Hispanic Easter tradition! But still, our best memories are going to be of our little before party! I t was fun to watch people drive up and then drive away after we watched each other to see if we were who each other were looking for... and none of us were. It was hilarious!!! Our investigator had a blast with us!

HAPPY EASTER!!!!!! Remember though, #BecauseofHim!!! I sent you a picture of me looking at the main YouTube page with the church's video banner ad. It was awesome!!!

So yeah, transfer calls were this Saturday, but both Sister Smith and I are staying for the next six weeks and it's awesome! This is her last one for the mission and then she's going home. It's crazy! I'll be her last companion.

I'm so grateful for the opportunities to become more like Him and our Father in Heaven. I'm working hard to be able to live for Christ. "It's easy to die for Him, but it's harder and even more worth it to LIVE for Him".

I'm looking forward to calling home mother's day on the 11th! I know you're stoked mom! My second phone call home of 4. Crazy! ... I really don't want to think too much about it...

I love ya'll's and miss ya too!

O-town is awesome and I love the people here!

Excuse any rambling messiness in this letter, it's hard to write so much in so little time! But, "it's getting better all the time"!!!

quiero verte mas!


Sister Karony



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