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Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter_Week 30_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

So, transfers are this week and we got the call Saturday night. We aren't leaving Moses Lake, but we are only going to be covering our city ward from Wednesday on. Our rural ward is getting their own set of Elders. It'll be awesome! Both of these wards need their own missionaries. Miracles/Blessings are in the making! So, Sister Crofts and I are together for another 6 weeks at least! YAY! I haven't had a companion longer than 6 weeks and 4 days until now! The trend is broken at last!

We will be moving out from living with our sweet sister, Mary, though and we're gonna miss her. The farm and her brother and niece were awesome to live with in the Merrell Compound. I'm gonna miss all the animals too.

It finally rained and the temperature has lowered and the fires are 60% contained now! Wahoo! They made some fire breaks around Moses Lake earlier this week, so we're definitely good.

****Insert current moment: Telemarketers and promotions and solicitors really like calling missionaries. Our zone leaders just got a call saying they won a cruise for 3 people and we all cheered, and Elder Krogue, one of the Zone leaders, promptly hung up after we all laughed. Obviously those people/companies don't know who they're calling. Hahahaha!****

I'm really proud of Braden! Keep going Bro!
I fasted for you all yesterday and I feel a thousand times better and reassured by the Spirit that everything will work out for you and me. I know you are being watched over. 

I sometimes wonder if I am good enough; but then I ask for a blessing, or pray, read the scriptures, ponder, and the Spirit reminds me of the truth, that YES, I am good enough.

-This week I called 911 for the first official time! We were going to service Saturday morning for a part member family, when I noticed that a telephone pole was on fire! It was just a little down the road from our home too! Then Sister Crofts noticed that it was burned in half and hanging by the wire cables. So, nobody else was around, so I called 911 and they were out their within 10 minuets. The fire man said that the PUD had to come detach the cables before they'd put the fire out, then they'd fix the pole. We left when we knew the situation was covered. They had a new pole in within 4 hours and without us losing power! Why doesn't that happen in VA?

So, calmness in an emergency, check! Thank you Heavenly Father! TRIUMPH!

-I think all of the above stuff describes how my testimony has grown in several different things. Sorry I'm not more specific here right now. We do have to move houses though, so we're in crunch time to prep for doing that on Wednesday. This change will be a cinch compared to my last transfer, because now I have a companion and it's just moving areas in the same Zone and the elders can ask us if they need anything more than we're leaving them to know. God does make us stronger!

-Favorite scripture is Alma 1:25. We cannot give in to persecution and trials, and we will not when we lean on the Gospel and our Savior and Father in Heaven.

I love you all!

Got to go now!


Sister Karony

The pony we bathed. She was not too happy :P Super fun!

IT'S ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! Had a new pole there in 4 hours without once losing power... woah!

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