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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 01_Yakima_ Sister Karony

It's been an amazing week.

-We had an awesome Zone meeting where we did a role-play and training on how to invite people to be baptized using the intro of the Book of Mormon, and I did pretty well at it. We then talked about how soon we would all commit to using this to invite someone to be baptized and I said we'd be doing it that same day. Not even 2 hours later we had an appointment cancel and so we decided to stop by to see a member to ask if we could have an appointment we had scheduled for an hour and a half later at their house. We parked our car and got out, when another member lady from across the street yelled at us from her front porch and said that someone wanted to meet with us and to come by a soon as we were done. (<--makes you worried doesn't it? Maybe it's an ambush? Of course we didn't think about that until way later!) We said sure and went on our way to the house we'd originally come for, but the members there weren't home. We took it as a sign we needed to go and meet this person. We did and found a young man who was thirsty for truth and we used the Book of Mormon intro invite and I gave away my 1st Book of Mormon on my ‘un-paused’ mission. We're excited to keep teaching him. This was a miracle! The Lord pretty much dropped a new investigator into our laps! Even better though, is that the 1st lesson with him there was also a member present! (member present= lesson taught with a church member present)

-We were asked by our Ward Mission Leader to bear our testimonies about missionary work and share an experience that was the start of our desire to serve missions/share the gospel. He is a previous bishop and the man had volunteered o give a talk this past Sunday (who does that? He does! "No better place to talk to the members about how important they are in all this than from the pulpit" he said). We agreed and it all went fantastically. I did a good job I feel and the spirit was strong as I talked, as it was while Sister Hunt did too. Our WML was amazing and all the talks this last Sunday were perfect and tailored to the 2 investigators we had there. One of them, who was nervous of the new experience of coming to church walked away glowing and excited for next week. Our lesson with him the day before on the plan of salvation seemed to be exactly what he needed to strengthen that growth. Another investigator, had been having an awful time the past few months and that meeting was the 1st time we'd seen him truly smile and look happy. His smile had teeth!!! Teeth!!! It was an awesome Sunday!!!!!!!

After these instances, and every time after I read the scriptures and study preach my gospel in my personal studies, I feel peaceful and content.

Strengths I've discovered this week:

-I'm good about discerning the needs of investigators, listening to the Spirit and acting on the promptings to speak. This is what Sister Hunt says, because I don't realize I'm doing that half the time until way after it happens.

-I value obedience more than I have ever before.

What's really cool is that I've always wanted to serve here in Yakima, and now I am! Also, my companion is Sister Hunt! She replaced me in Othello when I came home, we swapped our Trainers Sister Fletcher and Sister Simmons, we were in the same MTC Zone, I found her her camera, and we've served around most of the same missionaries. We have been apart of each other's mission from the beginning, and now at last we're together for at least 6 weeks!

Other things going on are the temple trip and Zone conference next week and the mission split in July. I'm so excited!

On the other hand though, I've been feeling trepidation about the mission split; like which mission will I be in, how will it be, my feelings of unrest about the possibility of not being with President and Sister Ware my entire mission. However, I'm still putting all these feelings aside and praying for help to be at peace with it. I'm letting myself get lost in the work, because the best cure for worry is work!

I feel an overwhelming peace whenever I ponder about how the next 13 months are going to go for me. Ever since I was set apart it's been coming naturally to me.

My “Lislism” is that as I was talking with another set of sisters and sister Hunt, one of them, Sister Pugh (sounds like "Pew".... Pew! Pew!) and she said "yea, I've been out for 8 months and it feels like I just got here yesterday." I then piped in "Me too." There was a moment of silence before we all burst out laughing. I'd gotten there the day before. I've become wittier since returning. It's nice, and I'm not overdoing it.

The mission is ON FIRE!!!! Yakima is ON FIRE!!! The members here are amazing at coming out with us and fellow-shipping. Here's this week's email from President Ware:

Good morning Elders and Sisters,
SPRING IS HERE TODAY. Will you to SPRING into finding mode and go find 3-4 new investigators this week? We know you can do it with the Lord’s help!

The Lord is pouring down so many miracles and blessings upon your investigators and you missionaries. Because of your faith in Christ and giving your all to His work 17 of our brothers and sisters have joined with Christ in a baptismal covenant this past week, 26 so far this month, and 7 more are preparing to be baptized this week. Our prayerful February goal is 45 souls brought to Christ. All that you do when you give Christ your best is very pleasing to Him!

Zone Conferences begin this Friday. We are EXCITED be teach truth and learn by the Spirit with you! Please prepare spiritually by studying D&C 97:8-9, Matt. 19:29.  1) Look for the Lord commands to His servants, and 2) Look for the promises He extends when we keep his commandments.
Spring has made an appearance. ENERGIZE YOUR FAITH and let’s take the Spirit and go find 3-4 new investigators who are searching by HUNTING them in every situation and especially when  we are with the members at meals or lessons. With ENERGIZED Spring faith He will help us achieve our goals each day.
YOU ARE AMAZING! Our hearts are full of Happiness because of you.

Be ON FIRE  with the Spirit. Increase your faith and obedience. Work hard, do your best today and get your goals. If you don’t repent. Do better the next day and sleep well!

With much love!  President and Sister Ware

There is so much going on! Our week is so jam-packed, I don't know how we're going to do it all, but we will. We're going to scratch and hunt for new investigators and talk to everyone!

I love and miss you all back home, but I've never felt more at peace and at home in my life. I'm so grateful I was able to return, I'm so happy! I can't think of any words to describe what it all feels like, but I've tried.

Sister Karony


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