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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 25_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

It was sad to say good bye to Yakima, but I know that it was the Lord's will and for the best! The Elders taking over my area will do awesomely well and I glad to have left my Ward so on fire with the missionary spirit! I now am covering 2 wards in Moses Lake, one that's in town and the other is in the country. Not as large an area as Yakima was, or as many people, but it's still a lot to cover. 
We have a goal of visiting all the households in one of the Wards to build member trust. The members have got to trust us with their neighbors and friends inorder for the work to move forward. We have been championing the member missionary cause since I got here and I've already been able to implement some of the things I learned while being a lone Sister. 
We taught Elder's quorum in our city Ward and we taught from "The Sabbath is a Delight" by Elder, now President Nelson. We had a great discussion and got the brethren to commit to support their wives in coming out with us! Success! We also got to pass around a sign up in Relief Society in our rural Ward and got a few people signed up and will be sending it around Primary and Young Women's for the Sisters there.  
Our Bishops are great, even though I've only met one so far since the other's out of town, but they support the missionaries and that's SPECTACULAR!

-I have felt triumphant because I am now driving! I am driving and driving well! Miracles happen! Getting to know the area faster because I'm driving too! 
Also felt triumphant wen we weeded a garden this weekend with six foot tall weed trees! Craziness! It was fun! Got 2 whole rows done! It was a jungle! Also felt triumphant when we learned who all the leadership was in both of our Wards and their presidencies!

I love Braden so much and am so proud of him! Keep forwarding his letters to me! Maybe you can do the same for my letters and forward them to him? He did say he needed stuff to read :)

Favorite scripture this week is one that we are memorizing for this transfer in the spirit of member missionary work: Matt 18:3-5
Got to go!

Sister Karony

Inline image 1
Sister Crofts and I! She's taller than me!!! :D

Inline image 2
Looks like Thailand! There's a big fire burning up in Chelan, which is North of here.

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