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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 21_Yakima_Sister Karony & Yakima Ward

As of last Wednesday I am now officially a Washington Yakima Missionary! 
We met President and Sister Lewis the next day and they are AWESOME!!! I got a very strong confirmation that they are the right people for this mission. I miss the Ware's, but I'll see them again! 
The work with the members continues to move forward and onward. The sisters are really beginning to rally.

I did have a mini break down this Saturday evening when the stress of two weeks of being practically on my own and trying to finish and accomplish weekly planning got to be too much. I'm surprised I didn't crack sooner. I was really calm the entire time though, and kept myself under control. I am just overwhelmed. But now that I got it out I'm tons better. The STL's were grateful it was really mild. 
I felt triumphant many times this past week. I have manged to start finding by the Spirit and going where it prompts me. My teaching is still struggling since I'm on my own a lot without another missionary to help share the load; but I'm figuring out how to prep my members better for coming out with me and helping them develop the tools to do their own member missionary work. I'm having them study the Restoration and some scriptures to help them.
I had a lady tell me I was going to hell yesterday for believing in the Book of Mormon. She said I needed to throw it away. I didn't argue with her and just testified that I knew that it was true and that Jospeh Smith truly was a prophet. She got so worked up, but I stayed calm and just kept testifying as she told me I was wasting my life and going to be damned to burn in hell fire.  I ended the conversation soon after that as she was so determined to debate and argue and I wasn't about to do that. The Sister who was with me said after we left that the woman had obviously made up her mind long ago about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that this was the first time she'd ever been told she was going to hell. She was not deterred though and will be coming out with me again. I'm so grateful for my Ward Sister companions! 
I've felt content and peaceful after each time I acted immediately upon the promptings of the Spirit. I will still have to photo copy those journal entries, I'm writing down all the times I can remember acting upon the direction of the Spirit. We were driving to go see some potentials in my area of Union Gap when we passed this guy smoking on his door step. I felt the Holy Ghost tug at me and called for Sister Pugh to stop the car so we could go talk to him. We're putting him in contact with the YSA Elders. He was totally open to learning and said he wants to know God's purpose for him. Miracles follow acts of faith, though often not as instantly as this event. I've found myself having the car pull over randomly a lot these past few days to knock on doors or talk to people. 
The Holy Ghost and the entire Godhead is my companion along with the Yakima Ward. I feel a growing peace as I give my best each day and a little improvement too. I know as I keep seeking my Father's face,  I'll always be right with Him. That gives me peace and I feel content and spiritually satisfied. 
My favorite scripture this week is the one we're memorizing as a trio: D&C 50:21-22 Teach by the Spirit of Truth! 
This week Sister Pugh got attacked by a bird! It was hilarious! We think it was because of her shiny blonde hair. The bird wanted to decorate it's nest, but freaked when it learned it's desired decor was attached to a human. It didn't hit her thank goodness though. That was the end of our proselyting time on the 4th. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Got to go! Love ya'll's!

Sister Karony

Inline image 2
​Yakima Zone! Still the tallest Sister!​

Inline image 4
​Was attacked by ketchup. I looked like I need the ER! Bwahahahaha!​

Inline image 1
​President and Sister Lewis are so adorable in aprons! Love them!​

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