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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 09_Yakima_Sister Karony

Dear All!

Thank you everyone for your birthday well-wishes! It's been an awesome-sauce day so far! My companion and I went to McD's for Breakfast with the help of Sister Ridd, one of our ward missionaries. She was so sweet to give us a ride! I'm so grateful for members! We're going to get lunch after emailing and then on to shopping!

Another one of our investigators is getting baptized this Saturday! She's 18 and so golden! I've had the privilege of being there for all of her lessons from the start of her investigating the church. That was in the beginning of March. Sister Hunt will even be visiting to be here for the baptism, so it'll be nice to see how she's doing. 

Our Stake President just came by and said for us to let you know the members say "Hi!" His name's President Button, awesome man! Makes me miss President Hall (whom I miss anyways. Tell him and Bishop Higbee I say "Hi!")

All of our investigators who are on date for baptism are doing well, and we're striving to keep them that way; doing as much as we can do to make a difference. Heavenly Father is blessing our efforts and actions of faith.

-I felt triumphant when we had an investigator that hasn't been to church in over a year come back yesterday to Sacrament meeting. We sat with him and it was a privilege to see the effect the Spirit was having on him. He's bringing his grand-kids next week to. He's an investigator we introduced to family history work and the Spirit of Elijah has touched and changed him to get him to this point once more. In addition to that we'd had a lesson with him this past Saturday night with a Sister from our Ward, and it went amazingly. She shared the conversion experience of her mother, which related to his worries about continuing to look into being baptized. That lesson marked his progress to being ready to return to church again and to start changing his thoughts on baptism. Miracles abound! Also, our investigator we met with on Saturday said he was sick, but that he'd come to church if he got well enough. We asked him to call us to let us know he wouldn't be making it. We asked him to start doing that from now on, so we wouldn't be afraid for him like we were  when he had his health emergency and didn't make his baptism. Well, he called to let us know he wasn't going to be there on Sunday, and even called his Home Teacher to tell him too.  I love my investigators and involved Ward Members who are their home teachers.

-I felt humbled when our investigator said in our most recent lesson that there was something very amazing about our message that had her interested and wanting to find out what it was. She said she'd felt God speak through me, and that she'd never seen anything like that at all before. I was surprised and amazed that she said this about me. I'm humbled that she thinks it's got anything to do with me, but the truth is that I am what God's made me to be. If I'm anything it's because He's my everything and I strive everyday to live so that it's true. I quote Ammon in Alma 26:11-16. I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior!

-I felt content and peaceful this morning as I ate my egg and cheese biscuit with my companion for breakfast. My Heavenly Father answered my silly little prayer about my desire for breakfast at McD's with a sweet companion and a loving Sister from our ward. He shows us His love for us not only in the big things, but in the little things too.

-My testimony grew on how God answers our prayers. I pray every day to become humble, meek, and teachable. My Savior is making me open to the Spirit and I have learned to rely more and more on His Atonement and the grace, or enabling power, that comes from it to become more than I am. I learn by experience and repent, or change, when I fall short. He lifts me higher than my faults and weaknesses, comforts me, and encourages me to keep turning to Him. My prayers are definitely being answered. I can feel the change in me each day. It's small, but by small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.

-My favorite Scripture this week is Ether 12:27

I love you all!

Sister Karony

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​Birthday Breakfast! Beats milk and toast!​

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