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Monday, February 3, 2014

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MORE FROM LISL_Week 8_Sister Karony

Meine Familie,

So, despite being sick Tuesday, being in a car accident Thursday, and being tired all week, we persevered and still succeeded in a ton of things! We have more investigators now, almost 20, and our 2 on-dates are right on track and more enthusiastic then ever!

I didn't do any waterfalls, and promise I won't but now there's a new addition to my ever growing list of "What's tried to kill me this time?". Now I've got car accident to add to the list. Now, yes, I just said "car accident" twice. No freaking out, it wasn't our fault, and thanks to my companion who was driving and the fact that we were obeying all the laws, no one was hurt, but the passenger side of our silver Ford Fusion was broadsided by a large white pick-up truck.

It happened when we were in the left turn lane at an intersection in Hermiston, when the big truck marked with "Pendleton Electric" decided it was doing a last minuet lane change across the solid white line, whereupon the driver looked, but apparently not well enough, because he didn't see us. Next thing we know, my side is broadsided by him. Luckily we were only going about 10 mph and him like 20, so instead of hitting my door, he hit our passenger-side front fender and headlight. We pulled over into a 7-11 parking lot and exchanged information and he was very nice. I took pictures of both our cars, and Sister Fletcher opened the packet labeled "If you're in an accident, open this!" that was in our glove box. The church truly has prepared EVERYTHING for ALL our worst-case scenarios!

In the end we didn't call the police, because we didn't think of it until the next day, and 
we were both more upset about the fact that we didn't give the driver a pass-along card or shared a message with him. At least we have his number from the paperwork!
 Thankfully our car is drivable until we can get it fixed, and even though my door makes a horrid "reech!" whenever it opens, it still opens. So many things that could've gone horribly wrong if we didn't have the mantel or had we not been driving obediently to the laws. We were only sore from the jar, my head hurt from hitting the headrest, and our right sides hurt a little, but no hospitalizing was necessary, thank goodness.
There you go Mom and Popsicle, the typical me describing the details and making things sound worse then they were. Don't worry, people and the lord, and our guardian angels have us covered! I love you!

Now, on a happier, more peaceful note; there was a  Mission-wide fast yesterday, and it was amazing! Our sacrament meeting was so wonderful and the spirit was really strong. Both of our on dates even got to church that day as well! People who almost never go up to bear their testimonies went up and did it, and everything said was about the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ. We even went us, as President Ware invited us to do, and bore simple testimonies about the Savior. People were crying, or trying not to cry left and right. Miracles!

Faith has also preceeded a multitude of other miracles! This morning we got a call from a man and he said he'd been researching our religion and really was"starving for a Book of Mormon" and that based off what he'd learned so far, "he definitely could see Joseph Smith really being a true prophet of God". He also asked if we were "Prayer Warriors" and asked if we'd pray for him and a troubled family member. He's got so much faith and we're going to see him later today. He's so eager and once he's read some more he wants to take lessons from "some of your church's representatives". Sister Fletcher says this is the first time this has ever happened to her. It's funny because I was fasting that our investigators we hadn't heard from would call us and reach out. Well, it worked!
Now I'm going to ask, are you a "Prayer Warrior"?

Oh, a funny story, we went to see a part member family, and the dad, who is totally awesome and is just a character, saw that I had lipstick smeared on my cheek as we got up to go. He says "one sec" and rubs it off with his thumb. Sister Fletcher just about had a heart attack about the rules being broken, it was hilarious. I didn't care either, just thought it was funny and it would've only been awkward if I'd flipped. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! At least he didn't lick his thumb before doing that! ;P He had no idea!

Sister Karony

Blog Letter_Week 8_Sister Karony

Hallo Alle!

So this week was insane, again. We have got so many new people to teach! Almost 20! We have 2 baptisms on date in a couple weeks as well. Sister Fletcher and I have been getting sore throats because the air here is stagnant and cold, AND it's been snowing the past 2 days. Thank heavens it's not sticking! So, other than being sick and cold, and REALLY busy, we have been doing awesome. We went up to Kennewick for Trainer/Trainee meeting with President Ware, because Sister Fletcher hadn't been to one yet, and he said something awesome!
"There are no such thing as just "meetings" in the church. They are opportunities to have revelatory experiences".
That blew my mind!

This week was tough, but we're still singing and laughing!

There is joy in the Gospel!

We've got great news!!!
The Church is true! The book is blue! And Moroni's right on the ball!!!

Sister Karony