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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 26_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

So, we totally live on a farm! It's great! We have calfs, a steer, horses, a pony, a bunch of barnyard cats, a rough border collie dog, pigs, and chickens. It's fun to walk around there for exercise in the morning! Also, yesterday I calculated that we spend up to 9 hours in church on Sundays with all our meetings and services. Sunday is the busiest day of the week for missionaries!

-This week as we weekly planned we dropped almost everybody in both our areas and are starting from scratch. The way things were going wasn't working and so viola! Clean slate! We had awesome church meetings yesterday as all our members in both wards talked about being more involved with missionary work and sharing it with their friends. Yesterday I also had the opportunity of singing in Sacrament meeting in our ward that covers the rural areas. I had it all planned out! I was going to sing "How firm a foundation" and that was going to get the members moving on missionary work and giving us referrals and all that jazz. But, even though my intentions and plans were good ones, the Lord has His plan. His plan was to leave that niggling feeling that the song still wasn't quite right and when I practiced it, it never sounded right. So, by the beginning of sacrament I was well aware and searching for a different hymn, when I came across "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". The feelings I had as I read the words of that hymn brought tears to my eyes and peace to my nerves. I always want to sing the message God wants me to and have the Spirit there as I perform. My talents are from God, and I want to use them in His service. I can bear my testimony far better through song than I can by my words. 

I definitely felt the Spirit as I sung testifying that I know that My Redeemer Lives. That was the message God had for us to share that day. It was exactly what the members needed, and most of all, what I had needed. My testimony was strengthened in my Savior and His Atonement and that God will work only good things among the children of me/us. 

I am nothing, but in God I can and will do all things that are expedient in Him.
The above is how my testimony was strengthened and what I felt triumphant in.

-My favorite scripture this week is 2 Ne 26:33. He invites ALL of us to come unto Him! I also like verse 26 in that same chapter, because it says that God says to go to church! There is so much joy we get from the companionship of other members.

-Sister Karony-ism this week is that I made a new best friend in the orange cat I've named "Purrdence" because she purrs like crazy and very loudly.

I'm proud of you all for taking time to go through all the church historical sites!
Sister Karony

Inline image 1
​Purrdence and me chilling! It was sunny!

Inline image 3

Steer that hit my companion two weeks ago. He's gonna be hamburger and steak soon! YUM!

Inline image 4

I'm way to excited to be petting a horse! Also having a bad hair day! Also, it was HOT!

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