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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 07_Yakima_Sister Karony

I am very happy and my hair is WAY less frizzy. We had a crazy week of Sister Hunt saying good byes and meetings in Kennewick and a baptism in Pasco. So excited about the new Easter video the Church has come out with! We got a sneak peek this past Thursday from President Ware during our meetings. 

-As you're about to read, I have felt discouraged, but ES GEHT WEITER!!! The work must go on! And I will NEVER give up, NEVER SURRENDER!

-This is when I was discouraged, but turned it into a triumph (Sister Karony vs. Man):
~We had just learned about forgiveness and that we need to forgive because it frees us from burdens that canker your soul when Sister Dickson and I OYM'd a lady getting out of her car while tracting.  
It went like this:
Lady: "Now, I'm christian and I have my beliefs, and I don't want to argue with you. I'm not interested."
Us: "..... ok. But will you like a card then for a video about the Easter season and what our Savior has done for us? It also has our number on the back in case you have questions or ever need service done."
Lady: "No." very rudely
Us: ".............. ok...... do you know of anyone around here that will benefit from us bringing them an uplifting message about Jesus Christ?"
Lady: looks us up and down "Actually no. I don't know anyone that would benefit from any kind of message that you'd give them."
Us: Spirit left her so fast we got whiplash, "....... ok..... have a nice day...." 
It totally threw me how the Spirit just fled from her and His absence compared to only moments before distressed me. I decided to say a quick prayer to get over it and then we went to another door and a man answered it. Sister Dickson put her hand out to shake his, but just as she finished introducing herself he was all "We have our own church", and slammed the door. I was feeling really sad and confused and upset with how we were being treated. We had to go though to get to a lesson. As we walked back towards the Lady who started all this, I thought about how the Savior would act and about what I'd just learned in church about forgiveness. As we went by I mustered all the charity I could and with the biggest smile ever I called out to her "Hope you have a fantastic day!" The relief was immediate and I felt the Holy Ghost witness to me that forgiving others truly is a blessing. I'm so grateful for forgiveness! I'm so grateful for my Savior who provided me with the perfect example to follow. I try everyday to be more like Him, and that day I'd succeeded.

-I felt so content and peaceful after I chose to forgive that Lady for her rudeness and that man for his meanness. The other time was when we went down to Pasco this past Saturday so that Sister Dickson could attend the baptism of some of her investigators from there. As we watched them get baptized and I saw the joy on her face, I knew it was all the right thing to do. There are very few things more special than watching a child of God enter the gate of baptism and start that path to eternal life.

-My favorite Scripture this week is Ether 3:1-4 His faith-filled actions in the 1st verse supported his faith-filled prayer in verses 2-5, which opened his eyes to what he had first seen with an eye of faith. I'm striving to do the same thing.

I found out yesterday that Sister Dickson can also speak German! It's awesome! We speak it a little bit together. We're learning how to teach together and by the Spirit and Heavenly Father is helping us accomplish it. It's great having companions whose same goal is to preach the gospel before anything else. We're not here to make friends, we are here to bring souls unto Christ. Making friends is a side effect, but never the focus.

I love you all and I'm so excited for General Conference! 

Sister Karony
Inline image 2
Sister Dickson and I at meetings by the Temple!

Inline image 3
We Rock! Companions at first sight! (Sister Jackson photo bomb!!!!)

Inline image 4
The Temporary Trio! Sister Pugh, Sister Hunt, and I.

Inline image 5
​Parting with Sister Hunt.​ Off to new adventures!

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