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Monday, November 23, 2015

Letter Week_41_Mission Ridge_Sister Karony

It's 3 months today until I go home... I am not happy to have realized that! No real regrets though! I'm loving every second out here!
I am so grateful I will be back in time for Eric's funeral!
My email will be a bit shorter today due top craziness and having to take a survey for our full-time missionary portal website. That took like 10 mins of my time! This week we had Stake Conference, which was amazing! Our stake president mentioned how the missionaries need the members' help and that last week in the Stake we taught more lessons than we ever have before. That was so awesome! That really will help in keeping the missionary fire burning in the members. Our prayers are being answered!
Sister Ring and I even went up in our Key indicators this week too, which we had no idea we'd managed to do that. We were just living day to day, taking it one step at a time, and the Lord has blessed us as we strove to work in our circumstances. 

-My ponderizer for this week is 2 Nephi 22:2! I love singing for Jesus!
-your Sister Karony-ism for the week is just above. ^

Sister Karony

Our home! door on the right side. There's a picture of Jesus in the window. As you can clearly see, IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!​

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Letter Week_40_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

I got my “trunky call” last Tuesday and the mission office wants to know if you are going to drive and pick me up from my mission or not? Let me know by next Monday so they can know whether to book a ticket for my flight home or not. A “trunky call” is the call you get 4 months before you go home to discuss what you need to return home and what your itinerary is. It's every missionary's least favorite call, ever!  Also, don't forget to do my Christmas present, the family history booklet! Sister Lewis talked about it on the mission blog.

This past week we had interviews with President and Sister Lewis on Tuesday, then the Temple on Wednesday. It was crazy and awesome and exhausting. We went a 5 mile hike today in Leavenworth called Icicle Ridge. So much fun.

I find value in not judging others, especially when I don't know their situation and all the details. All that matters, I have learned, is that I am here to be with others, listen to the Spirit, and follow the Lord’s promptings.  I am reminded of the story from a talk this past "Truly good and without guile": "I moved into an area with an elder I didn’t know. I had heard other missionaries talk about how he had never received any leadership assignments and how he struggled with the Korean language despite having been in the country a long time. But as I got to know this elder, I found he was one of the most obedient and faithful missionaries I had known. He studied when it was time to study; he worked when it was time to work. He left the apartment on time and returned on time. He was diligent in studying Korean even though the language was especially difficult for him.
When I realized the comments I had heard were untrue, I felt like this missionary was being misjudged as unsuccessful. I wanted to tell the whole mission what I had discovered about this elder. I shared with my mission president my desire to correct this misunderstanding. His response was, “Heavenly Father knows this young man is a successful missionary, and so do I.” He added, “And now you know too, so who else really matters?” 

Our Ward is really feeling the missionary spirit. They had an awesome lesson on missionary work in Relief society yesterday and they really called for the Sisters to rise to the occasion. The fire is starting to burn brighter! Miracles are abounding every day here! We have a bunch of lessons planned this week where members will be coming out with us. We are so excited! 

Onwards and Upwards!!!

My ponderizer this week is Jacob 1:19. 

I am learning so much! I love my mission!


Sister Karony

Me (sideways!)

Our Zone


Leavenworth, a Bavarian copy cat tourist trap town. The closest I can to home without actually being able to go there.

Wenatchee Zone (minus 2 Sisters)!!! We made it to the TOP!!!

Letter Week_39_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

I  cried when I read your emails about Eric passing. I'm going to miss that young man! I'm so glad I got to see him that time we went to see them and hung out and ate Cafe Rio before my mission. Thank you for telling me and please tell the D'Andrea family how much I love them, that they're in my prayers. I remember playing GameCube with Eric and Dylan. What fun times we all had together! This has strengthened my testimony of why I'm out here serving my my mission.  I so desperately want to be there myself and hug them and say they will see Eric again, to tell them about the plan of salvation, eternal families, that he is being taken care of. But I'm not, but please give them my love. I'm grateful that I'll be able to be there when he is laid to rest in the Arlington Cemetery. 

Luka! I love you! I'm so happy you figured out why we serve missions. That really is the whole point, to leave our families for a little while so that other families can become eternal ones too. And, not only do we do this while serving as full time missionaries, but you can start now! You are a member missionary and you have a large sphere of influence and can show so many of your friends the gate to eternal life and joy with their families. You are also a priesthood holder, and that is a gift.

This week was still rough around the edges due to Sister Ring being incapacitated, but we improved a ton compared to the week before. We made sure that when we got out this week, that we worked extra hard with all the time that we had. 

I triumphed this week when I managed to contribute while on exchanges to a Spanish speaking investigator. I said "don't give up" in Spanish when the spirit prompted me to in the lesson and when I did the Spirit just flooded the room and the investigator agreed. I understood what was being taught and talked about in that lesson, even though I don't speak Spanish, partly because I'm used to being around people who speak a language I don't understand and can figure out what's being said by body language and the context of the conversation, but mostly it was the gift of tongues. God needed me to say something in that lesson, so He had prepared me months earlier by giving me Hermana Williams as a companion, and she loved saying that phrase in Spanish. I even read out of "del Libro de Mormon" in 3 Nephi 11. Hermana Cain was super surprised and said I did a very good job reading and saying things correctly, for not knowing how to at all. Thank you Opera training that tuned my ear to imitate languages and sounds! It was definitely The Holy Ghost and the gift of tongues that got me through this though! Without God, I am nothing.

Sister Karony-ism for this week: We had exchanges this week and it was awesome! We had an encounter with a giant spider when I was with Hermana Cain in their area. It was on the floor in their kitchen. Hermana Cain saw it crawl by my foot and stop moving as I was making my breakfast. She calming but firmly told me to back up and I obeyed, thinking, "It's a spider".  And it was! We named him Fluffy. He didn't move when we sprayed him, and when we came back to lunch he still hadn't moved. Thankfully from that we knew he was dead, but I wasn't squishing him, cuz that'd be messy, cuz Fluffy was huge! So, we made lunch around him, but I forgot for a second when I went to put my bread in the toaster oven. I stepped down, we heard a crunch (I was wearing my shoes, thank heavens!), and as I stepped down with my other foot and lifted the other one to put it down again, I froze. I looked down and said, "Where's Fluffy?!?!?!" I took my boot off and had to wipe the grossness off. UHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!! EEEEWWWWW!!!! That's the tail of Fluffy.

My ponderizer this week is: Alma 37:44-45 "For behold, it is as easy to give heed to the word of Christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss, as it was for our fathers to give heed to this compass, which would point unto them a straight course to the promised land.

And now I say, is there not a type in this thing? For just as surely as this director did bring our fathers, by following its course, to the promised land, shall the words of Christ, if we follow their course, carry us beyond this vale of sorrow into a far better land of promise." What an awesome promise. Let's follow the words of Christ ya'll's!!!!

Sister Karony

The sun is literally shining ​down upon our area! *It is the Promised Land!!!!!!* (*said in deep gravely voice*)

Puzzle signed by a lot of Sisters and Hermanas that I know. Like where I signed it? HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!
I'll have a picture with me and Fluffy next week! It's Hermana Cain's camera because my died right after taking the cat puzzle picture... LAME!!! Dumb batteries!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 38_More Pictures

Trunk or treat fun!

My desk! Though it's much neater now! Folding tables rock!

Letter_Week 38_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

I have finally recovered from being sick, and now my companion is. It stinks. But, she's a trooper and we still did work and now we're getting in motion the things that will help her get better.

We had an awesome trunk or treat this week. There was lots of chili and corn bread. They even had ghost pepper chili, which tasted amazing, but still wasn't spicy enough. I've eaten ghost peppers before, and this chili barely had any! So, I disappointed on that front, but it still was delicious!

Our Ward is combined with the Spanish Ward, so our youth and primary are combined, and on fast Sundays, like yesterday, our sacrament meetings are combined as well. They have only been doing this since August, so they are still getting used to translation in fast and testimony meetings. It was awesome though, whether they forgot to pause so the Elder could translate, or they were little kids who were so weirded out by the translating thing but still had the courage to go up and bear their testimonies. It didn't matter, English or Spanish, you could feel the Spirit so strongly! The Holy Ghost taught all of us in that meeting. We even went over half an hour! It was worth it though! Relief Society was awesome to though! An awesome Sister that we've gotten to know a lot these past 2 weeks, gave the lesson. She used President Monson's talk "Be an Example and a Light". She focused a lot on being an example in word and in conversation. We ended up talking about how that not only do we need to be more aware of what we say in our families, but how we also need to be like that in our Ward family. Do we build up each other, or do we gossip and criticize? Do we help or hurt? We can definitely choose to not be or to be offended by someone, and we can choose to not offend. We talked about goals of how we ought not to judge and ought to love everyone. I really liked that part of the lesson, because it would be difficult to remain active when people at church are among those who bully and demean and judge you wrongly. It reminded me how important it is to make sure that your testimony is rooted in the Doctrine of Christ, in Our Redeemer, and in Scriptures and the Book of Mormon; rather than in the people at church. People aren't perfect, and that's why we go to church. We need to be patient with ourselves as we strive to change and give people the same courtesy as well as they are on their own journey. This really was an awesome lesson!

We have had a challenging week. I cannot express enough how awesome Sister Ring has been, despite being sick. We still managed to find 2 new investigators this past week, and we received quite a few referrals that we are excited to contact this week! YAY! I also did the assessment with Sister Ring last night that's in the Adjusting to Missionary Life Booklet, and I cannot tell you even a part of how awesome I felt after that. As we went thru all of it, the Holy Ghost witnessed to me all of the things I AM doing right. This has been a struggle for me lately, that is, recognizing what I'm doing right, and balancing between being too hard on myself and seeking for healthy improvement. I've had a hard time getting back into the regular swing of things after having been sick for 2 weeks that totally whacked my schedule, but these past few days I've battled and have won it back!

My testimony has been strengthened in the fact that the Holy Ghost is the true Teacher. He will teach you and show you what to do and will give you peace, comfort and hope. I have found for me it is so important to be obedient and to listen to His still, small voice. My happiness truly does come when I do that!

My "Ponderizer" this week is Alma 37:36-37, "Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day"

Your Sister Karony-ism for this week is my new Assassin's Creed Connor costume, and I made a video on Halloween of me responding to a cry for help. I had my super man shirt with a cap on under one of my button shirts and proceeded to Superman in response to the cry for aid! I looked a little too happy about someone calling for help though, hehehe! The video is still too big to send, but maybe I'll figure something out, cuz it's dorky funny!


Sister Karony

Our gorgeous view outside today! You can even see snow already at the ski resort! And yes, the ski resort is in our area! Score! Even though we can't do winter sports, it's still super cool.

It's our family picture! Even managed to get Ducky in there! They didn't have brave, so I made Braden Ariel, which still fits as we all know. Besides, he had that Ariel fan-girl at the Disney princess dinner we did that one time. So funny! 

I FOUND MY DREAM COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So excited about next year's Halloween!!! I am such a nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!