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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 23_Yakima_Sister Karony & Yakima Ward

So.... lots going on! 
We have an investigator on date for baptism. He's super solid! Through my experiences with him and some other investigators I've truly learned that asking God through prayer to know the Book of Mormon is true is CRITICAL for a lasting conversion to take place. You have to pray for that witness, given only by the power of the Holy Ghost, in order to go forward and not be waylaid by opposition that's sure to come. He is stronger than ever and bearing his testimony every time he's been challenged on his beliefs. the things that before would've thrown him for a loop before now roll off his back. 
Will ya'll's back home make sure that you're reading the Book of Mormon every day and that you will pray to know the Book of Mormon is true? Even if you already know it, there is a power in keeping your testimony current, like your temple recommend. I'm so excited! 
-I've just felt exhausted and feel like God's talking to me in this scripture, 1 Nephi 20:10. I'm in the refiner's fire alright! But I will NEVER give up! I've discovered out here that it's SO NOT my style! ;) 
-I am here to do and say what Christ Himself  would say and do and to teach as the disciples did in 3 Nephi 19:6-13. I know I'm throwing a lot of scripture in here, but I've had a learning week where I've been called to repentance and I want to share the things that helped me. Another thing I am constantly asking myself is "Was the Holy Ghost the Senior companion today?" I must be patient. I remember as I'm writing this part of what was said to me in a blessing I got in my first few weeks back out here. I was told that I needed to be patient and long-suffering and to hold to the light that I found and continue to follow it down the path throughout my life and I will find joy...... funny... but it is comforting, at least I got a heads up... hahaha... In the last two that I've gotten I've been told that the Lord is pleased with my willingness and desire to be out here and that I am right with him. He's also instructed me to be humble in deed. That's good advice, cuz I can get big-headed fast if I'm not checking myself! I need to get a sign to wear around my neck that says "Eternal work-in progress here!" It's nice to know that in the covenant relationship with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father we can take hope and motivation from the fact that we need to do our best and leave the rest to Them. repentance is real and it's awesome! 
-Throughout this week I have felt triumphant as I've talked with the people around me and whether or not the result was a pleasant one, (i.e. they're very scary calm and sinister when they answer the door and tell you the person you're looking for isn't there... only time I've truly been scared so far on my mission... gave that house to the Elders! The investigator was YSA anyways.) I have felt the Spirit as I've acted in faith and feel happy and content as I follow the promptings of the Spirit and grow in my understanding of the Gospel and learn how to teach more in the Lord's way. 
Reading the scriptures (and their chapters) I've shared with you already in this letter is teaching me a lot. I'm striving to invite and teach by the Spirit. It's getting better. 
-Sister Karony-isms were all over this letter! Hope you got your fill! 
-Favorite scripture this week is 1 Nephi 14:1-2. 
I love ya'll's! I loved hearing about all the stuff back home! God bless 'merica!

Sister Karony

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