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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Letter_Week 17_Yakima_Sister Karony

Next week on Wednesday is transfers and it's the transfer that determines which mission we'll be serving in. Also, we're moving out of our current home, the family we've lived with until now, this Saturday. We're packing and cleaning, and our room is full of boxes. We'll be moving in with Spanish sisters that live way out of our area, so we will be dependent on members giving us rides into our area. We'll also have to find out where we'll be doing our laundry from now on. The chaos here is reigning! It's also been over 100 degrees here for the past couple days, SO HOT!!!! We've been walking and working in it. It'll be 100 tomorrow too. We're drinking TONS of water!

Found out that I go home Feb 23rd, 2016.

-Our entire Zone has been struggling and we just had a Zone Training Meeting and discussed what was happening. Our numbers (numbers are important only as far as the people they represent, it's all about the children of God!) have been dropping and hit an all time low last week. the Lord rebuked us, as we'd lost sight of our purpose. He wants us to increase our "focus on and understanding of our purpose". We had to council together on how we will achieve that. We all agreed we are going to make tracting a priority and to truly talk with everyone and get rid of any distractions that are keeping us from using our proselyting time effectively. I'm grateful for repentance, because even though this is going to be a bit painful, and outside of our comfort zones, things are already changing for the better, a little bit at a time. 
-I felt triumphant when we finished our weekly planning this Friday in three hours! It was awesome! Weekly planning is when we set our goals for the week and plan out our schedule of our meetings, teaching appts, finding opportunities, service hours, and etc so that we can just go out and work for the rest of the week and already have some sort of plan to go off of. We do this every Friday. 
-My favorite Scripture this week is Mosiah 4:27 "PACE YOURSELF!" is what pops out at me :P go figure! Hahahaha! 
-Sister Karony-ism for the week is when I was talking about how my brain is wonky and I said "My brain is-- what time is it?" Sister Williams was super amused. She plans to use this phrase next time I start getting super ADD and confuse someone.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Your messages always make me feel stronger and they fill me with peace knowing that I have such an awesome supportive family back home. I love hearing about your lives, and it always helps me where I'm at at the time I read them all. Love you!

Sister Karony
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​My desk right before we started packing up.​

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