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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Letter_Week 28_Moses Lake_Sister Karony

Most of my mission is LITERALLY on fire!!! Not the figurative fire we were hoping for, like "baptisms, yeah!" kind of fire. Half of the state is already burned or burning. It's getting worse every day and so is the smoke. Over 700 firefighters are up north and now Canada is involved and firefighters are being sent in from New Zealand and Australia. The fires aren't close by us though, so no worries. We get updates on this from the members. 

Tell Sam I say "Hi" and happy 21st birthday!

-The smoke is aweful! My throat is getting scratchy, but i can still sing for the most part, I just don't want to strain myself doing it. Bad air quality! I feel so sad for those who are closer to the fires, because the smoke's already bad enough over here.

-It's been tough finding new investigators and people to listen to us, but we've kept going and have been visiting all the families in one of our wards and committing them to think of 3 nonmembers that they can help invite to come unto Christ and eventually to meet with the missionaries. We've gotten a lot of contacts from that, but mostly ones that we have to give away to the other missionaries. But, we all work for the same team, so booyah anyway!

-I found out during our recent Zone Conference that I could've been reassigned to another mission when I came back out! The member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles over the mission assignments had to assign me again that time too, and when the mission split they went through all of us and chose me to come to the new mission. I have been assigned by an Apostle 3 times! I truly am meant to be here, exactly where I am today! That's an awesome reassurance to have received.

-Sister Karony-ism's: We had a cow butchering at our house this last week! We got souvenir horns too! That steer hit my companion the week before I came to Moses Lake and it finally got its just desserts! It brought back memories of the time the Masai's killed that goat in front of my 3rd grade class in Kenya. Hahaha! Life out in the country. We also prevented a pig break out this week when we stopped by to see the animals and noticed that 2 of the 3 pigs had dug their way into the adjoining pen, which had been left unlocked. We locked it and prevented a jailbreak. The grandkids of our ward mission leader forgot to lock it after they went to the fair in the morning to show their other pigs. The Moses Lake fair went on all week and they hardly were at home. It's a good thing we went around to lock things up. It was funny though!

Also last week we nearly got attacked by a turkey while out with one of our relief society presidents. We made it out, but I nearly got left behind because I was going to knock for a third time when my comrades decided the turkey was getting too close. I didn't want to get left alone, so I booked it after them and we all got chased to the car. Luckily we'd left it unlocked in case we'd need a quick escape; which we did!

-Favorite scripture this week is the Lord's vision for our area: John 4:35-38! I was led to this during personal study last week. The scriptures are so awesome!!! The harvest is NOW! We're not planting seeds, we're making contact with the Light of Christ, reminding others of things that are already in them, but they're just not aware of it yet. The Lord prepares the people to feast on His word. Again, we are not "planting seeds," but rather harvesting.

I love you all!


Sister Karony  

This is the day we came home smelling like a camp fire... it's 8:30pm this past friday in this picture... The smoke was the worst it's been so far. It was this dark by ​7:30.

Inline image 1
Local wild cat we've named "Fuzzy"​ who found us and recognized us as we were walking around Moses Lake yesterday evening. He followed us for miles, so we drove him back to his usual hang out so he wouldn't get hit by a car. This cat is hilarious! He chases little kids and refuses to let you walk in front of him, he has to lead the group. Hahaha!

Inline image 2

Snickers the barn yard dog. The stinker! He is still a puppy and does the herding nipping.
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