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Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter Week_46_Sister Karony_Selah

Happy New Year!

This Christmas week was awesome! We got to watch the Mormon missionary movie "The Best Two Years", and it has a whole new, deeper meaning to me now because of actually being a missionary on a mission! It was so good to Facetime with you as well, despite all the preceding technical difficulties involved. We made it thru! I am excited for after the mission, but for now my focus and my heart will remain here in the mission field. Getting trunky is silly!

I have been frustrated with things, but now I'm doing better, because there's no point in fighting what you can't change, like that I'm going home on Feb 23rd... *sigh* Also, The one thing I've decided will be my focus to change this year of 2016 is: Meekness. As I begin my transition from missionary to civilian, I want to be meeker, which I feel will help me increase my kindness, gentleness, patience, calmness, and peacefulness now and for the rest of my life. 

I talked with President Lewis this past week, and I came up with three simple and clear goals for the remaining weeks of my mission; all of these are also goals I can take with me to my newly enhanced member missionary life after my formal mission ends:

1-Deepen my relationship with the Holy Ghost
2-Gain more confidence in teaching
3-Find, teach, and baptize two more of my brothers and sisters. (This is a companionship goal, we're doing it together. There are people prepared for this now!)
Simple, clear and focused goals for now the the future. I'm doing!

We saw a miracle yesterday as a part member family came to church for the first time in years! The parents are members, but their four children are not and they're all investigators. We'd had a lesson with them on Tuesday and for the first time they said they "would" come, not that they "would try" to come to church. Then things worked out where we ended up having daily contact with them in many different ways, and they showed up to church 11:30 on the dot! We had been hoping and had saved a pew for them, but we also we're worried because they hadn't responded to our call or texts—luckily they responded to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We, however, were not as in tune with the Spirit it seems, since we were close to the point of giving up hope, when they gloriously walked through the door. They hadn't responded to us because they had wanted to surprise us. BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! I am so glad that God blessed us yesterday with this miracle. He renews my faith daily in the fact He touches the hearts of investigators to come to church.

Sister Karony-ism for this week: We were meeting with President Lewis when he came to check up on how I was adjusting to the recent changes and "traditional" missionary experience, he said something funny. He said to Sister Smith and I that he wanted to make sure that no one had died. I was like "What's that supposed to mean?" And his reply was "Where's the little girl, Sister Karony?" and Sister Smith was like "I'm not a little girl..." (I laughed about this later because I realized it was an unintentional short joke!). Hahahahaha! President Lewis gets me! Bwahahahahaha!

My Ponderizer for last week was Moroni 8:26. This week's Ponderizer is  Alma 17:11, my call to serve! Developing Christlike attributes is a must!

Tell Mercedes I say hi! And say hi to Sam for me! I miss them both! Love you all!


Sister Karony

Christmas Day Party (I ate way too much food for the first time ever and ended up getting sick... still worth it though! Such good food! Hahahaha! Adventures!)
 Onesie power!
Our Ch​
ristmas​ tree!

Letter Week_45_Sister Karony_Selah

MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a roller coaster week and I am exhausted! But I am so happy! Sister Smith is an awesome companion! (Yes, another Sister Smith is my companion.) I've been having "normal" missionary experiences, and I am so at peace. We have been out and about all the time! We walk in the snow! Yesterday as we walked home from church I saw a house with a snow shovel out front and a half shoveled walkway. I felt that we should help shovel it. My amazing companion was all for it. We took turns and had almost cleared all of it when someone came out of the house. I was surprised, because I had thought no one was home! However, I think the man was even more surprised to see two young women randomly shoveling his walkway. We talked with the man and shared "A Savior is Born" with him. I felt so good walking away. I had desired to do something good, just "for goodness' sake" and not for some agenda. Not that I've ever had "an agenda", but that I knew with all of me that I was just wanting to do good. Pure intent and the pure love of Christ. Such a cool moment! We've talked to a lot of people and ave shared "A Savior is Born" with them. Excited to see what happens! Christmas is such a wonderful time of year!
Until now my mission experience has been everything except "normal". It's snowing a ton and not stopping right now, so I'll be having a white Christmas!

This week has been awesome and crazy! We had two investigators at church yesterday! WAHOO!!!And I got to go to both of the mission's Christmas parties because I transferred at the first one and rode to Selah with President and Sister Lewis there. The second party was the next day. It was fun car bonding time! I sang lots of hymns and we chatted about things in the mission. I enjoyed it. For my first party I was still in my Wenatchee Zone and was put in charge of the song that our Zone would sing at the Christmas party, and I was inspired to choose "He Sent His Son" by the Church's Christmas Devotional. I made it into parts and divided it up and we did awesome for having hardly rehearsed it. I loved it! It was so awesome to see all the remaining missionaries that I know at the parties, all my past companions that are still around. It was great! All the Elders I came out with from the MTC went home on the 2nd of this month and it was weird not to see them there. "And then there was one." I'm a freaking dinosaur!

I did have my first rocky lesson this week where I said something that seemed to surprise the person we were teaching, but it was just a misunderstanding and the members at the lesson are definitely letting them know that I wasn't meaning to do it. I still don't really know what I did, and what I did I've done many times trying to refocus the discussion back onto a gospel topic. Sister Smith did comfort me later a bit when she told me that "if you've never offended anyone, then you haven't been really living" (Something like that...), and the members knew that I was distressed about it. I know God will work it out. I am will continue my efforts to strive to get closer to the Spirit and to increase my focus in lessons so as to minimize my blunders. This is the first time this has happened this time out on my mission. It was bound to happen sometime!  Like Abe Lincoln said, you can't please everyone all the time--this was my turn.

I crocheted President and Sister Lewis BYU colored scarves in less than 3 days without breaking rules. So really, it took my the equivalent of a few hours to make them both. So much fun! And glad I did with the weather we're having! They needed it! 

Look on Sister Lewis' blog and you'll see so many pictures of me! I've been everywhere!

The alarm in my new apartment was awful, and I missed waking up on time twice, so I fixed it today! 

My ponderizer this week is Moroni 8:26.  

I love you all! I can't mail my package to ya'll's this week because of the weather, but I will next week, I swear!

WHITE CHRISTMAS' ROCK!!!! The only good reason for snow!  This is your freezing Sister, signing off. Over and out!

Sister Karony

 Last picture with Sister Danger!
 Selfie with President Lewis!
Selfie with Sister Lewis!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter_Week 44_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge & Selah

I am being emergency transferred tomorrow at the Christmas party down to Selah. Why must Sister Karony go?  The reason is because neither one of us can drive now, and in our area we have to have a car. Why can't I drive anymore you ask?  So, there I was, minding my own business, when 'bang, crash, bump,' we got into another car accident this past week.  Because this is my third strike, regardless of who was at fault (not me!!!), I have had my driving privileges taken away by the Mission Home, per Church policy.  How did this happen you ask?  I had gotten my left mixed up with my right and switched directions, all while using the proper signals, and the other car was in our blind spot. It was horrible! (the accident, not loosing driving privileges) Satan is a jerk that won't stop trying to kill me! Sister Danger sprained her shoulder on the seat belt and we had to go to the ER. However, other than that and me being sore the past few days, we've been well. 

We're getting switched around to bring another driver to Mission Ridge, so Sister Danger may remain in her first area. Sister Danger will finish her training with another Sister, sister Skousen. My next companion's name is Sister Smith. Yes, another Sister Smith! And she'll be companion #53. I also look forward to my double Christmas party! I'll be here the Northern Zones' party and then down South for the one that's happening the day after in Yakima. SCORE! I still feel sad about the situation with leaving Sister Danger, and I will miss this area and the people. On the other hand, I've also missed the Yakima area so much this entire time being up North.

President Lewis said that it was about time that Sister Karony be put in a situation that didn't require me to fix, rebuild, build, or randomly jerry-rig anything. I'm excited for my "traditional" missionary experience! Regardless, however, I think "unique" has turned into a synonym for "Sister Karony".

I definitely felt like a failure multiple times this week, but I am striving to see the Lord's hand in this unique situation. I felt like a failure as I sat in the ER with my injured companion and thought it was all my fault. It wasn't until filling out the online report at a member's house that I discovered it wasn't. The members looked at the report and told me what the other car did was illegal. But crazy, the damage was in the exact same spot as the damage from the last accident. God's way of telling me this was in the program. So, I am NOT a failure! I'm excited for the future. I feel at peace.

We found a golden investigator this week and he already knows the Book of Mormon is true and he came to the ward Christmas party a few hours after we met him for the first time, and he is on date for baptism as well. He felt impressed that he was somehow present with the Nephites and the Lamanites when Christ came to the Americas, and he got to feel the prints of the nails in His hands as He passed by and Christ smiled at him, then continued thru the crowd. He said it was so real and he remembers what it felt like to this day. This man is so cool! People like this really do exist!

My ponderizer this week is 1 Nephi 16:18,23 I feel like Nephi when he broke his steel bow. The Lord's hand was in that and it was a test to see if he would remain faithful. This is  my test. Getting into an accident again and getting my driving privileges taken away was me breaking my steel bow. Now I've got my wooden bow and my one arrow made from a stick, and I've gone to my leaders and Heavenly Father, and asked where do I need to go next? Apparently Selah is where I need to go next. So be it!

Merry Almost Christmas! I'll be calling next week to set up a time to call you on Christmas day! Love you all!

Sister Karony

Tracting in the freezing rain!​

Exact same spot as the damage from the last accidents!

We be awesome!

Letter_Week 43_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

It's a glorious day, Mom and Dad! I'M A "MOM"! You're Grandparents! Boo, you're an Aunt! PFC Stinkweat, Axel, and M&M, you're Uncles! IT'S A GIRL!!! My "Daughter" (my trainee) was "born" (came into the mission field) on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd at approx. 4:30 pm local time. She is so adorable! Her name is Sister Danger. Yes, DANGER! She was companion #52, 36 years old, 5'5" tall, and a convert of 2 years. She is also from Paw Paw, Michigan! I've learned these past few days that she has tattoos and plays hockey, and she is legit hard-core!  

She was raised by her grandparents there and so her "mom" is 80 years old and probably knows something about our family that lived there! God is opening doors! Her mom is an awesome "fire-breathing" Catholic and is super supportive of her coming out here. Sister Danger is going to be able to reach people we never would've been able to reach otherwise. She has be especially specially prepared to be here. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! And, what's even better, we actually get along! Of course, I'm expecting us to clash on some things, duh, but we both aren't willing to waste our time with that kind of drama. We really were meant to be companions!

I knew she was meant to be my trainee when I learned her last name was Danger. Heavenly Father really does speak to us in the way we understand! Also, she was baptized on May 4th, 2013. May the Fourth be with you! I love Star Wars! It's hysterical that He works this way sometimes!

Sister Danger is adjusting fairly well and she is a very quick learner and, most of all, she wants to and is willing to do it. We both struggled a bit this last week with the schedule, but we've turned a new leaf and Sister Danger has learned some very valuable lessons from the experiences we've had so far. It's definitely benefited us both greatly.

From even the few days we've been together, it's been amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing me for training. The inspiration comes without me even consciously realizing it half the time, but I recognize that it was the Spirit by the good fruit that comes afterwards. I am humbled that Heavenly Father trusts me and chose me to be Sister Danger's trainer. She is already showing her true colors as an amazing and simple and powerful messenger of the gospel. She seeks the Spirit and to treasure up His word. I am so blessed! I'm am learning so much from my amazing new companion. The Lord truly knows us personally!

She even teaching me how to drive better in the snowy and icy weather we've been having. She knows, cuz she's from Michigan! BOOYAH!!!

We had to skedaddle a few days ago from Sister Danger's first experience door knocking, because we ran into some teen hoodlums who started cussing about Mormons and "acting cool" when they saw us walking. The Spirit said to get home right away, without rushing of course. Running draws way to much attention! We live in a nice town, but it doesn't matter a lot of the time. I'm pretty sure those kids were getting ready for their daily drug running and dealing in the neighborhood judging by the Spirit and their bike and hiking backpacks. We got out safely though. We smile and don't bug them, they won't decide to cause trouble. It is so important to remember that they are still children of God, even though they're not acting like it. The adventures of a missionary! The Lord protects His servants! 

My testimony that God is in the details of my life has been strengthened by the events with Sister Danger and my testimony in the protection of God over my companion and I has been strengthened by the event with the teen hoodlums. And also my testimony in the power of prayer. In my cool name tag pictures in the snow, it actually got lost in the snow and we couldn't find it. We stopped and prayed, then not a min later Sister Skousen found it and so we prayed and said thank you to Heavenly Father. Never doing that again! It was a cool experience though. the little things matter to God too.

My PONDERIZER for this week is Alma 33:11. It is exactly how I feel. The power of prayer is real!

Sister Karony

Me and my new Trainee:

Sisters Wilson and Robalin and I. The legendary Trio!​

While waiting for our trainees and new companions to arrive, Sister Skousen and  I took a trip up into the mountains to try tracting the ski resort, but the weather stopped us, so we took some pictures.​

Us as we emailed today!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter Week_42_Mission Ridge_Sister Karony (The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is "42")

This week of my mission is the meaning of life, #42!!! Hahahaha! 

I have been called to be a trainer for a new missionary this transfer! AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm gonna be a "mom". I'm the "oldest" (been out the longest) English Sister in the mission, so it was bound to happen. President Ware did say when he asked if I was supposed to train while I was in Yakima, that Heavenly Father said "not yet". He didn't say "no". So I'm freaking out a little bit of course! But I'm super excited! This will definitely help keep me from getting trunky! Ain't nobody got time for that! My big concern I told President Lewis was about messing up one of His (Heavenly Father's missionaries) children. President Lewis said "They're counting on you to not mess up one of His children." ............ God does have a sense of humor, and so does my Mission President!

We got into an accident last Monday around 9:15 am because of ice on the road. We hit a truck, but we had some serious guardian angels working! Prayers for safety really do work, it should've been MUCH worse. No one was injured and the cars just have scratches and small dents. It was not because I'm a bad driver. I was going slowly! Darned ice and snow!  I also took the Sisters up to the ski resort that's in my ward's area and introduced them to a real amount of real snow for their first time. Sister Wilson is from AZ and Sister Robalin is from TX. It was super fun!

We've had so many adventures in this short week, I cannot possibly write you all about it all. We have made very thorough audio recordings though, and I did fill another journal completely yesterday. I think that makes #3. I'm also finished my 5th notebook though... So much awesome stuff! Personal revelation rocks!

I've been companions this week with Sisters Wilson and Robalin and it has been awesome! We are the legendary trio! Sister Wilson is companion #50, and Sister Robalin is #51. My trainee will be #52! Crazy! I get her on Wednesday! Pray for me!

My ponderizer for this week is Alma 27:17-18 This is the joy I want to experience when I return home to all of you again, and at any mission reunions that I attend afterwards.

Candy and warm socks would be very appreciated and any cool star wars stuff! I'm working on sending all my late b-day presents and stuff to you next week. Getting to the post office is hard as a missionary. There's never enough time! I love how things are so normal back home. I love you all! 


Sister Karony

After service helping clean up a woman's yard.

De-icing the air hose with our heaters so we can put air into our tires!​

My side of the river has more snow! And it's still falling!​

Driving home into an inversion! COLD!

Damage to our car​