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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 03_Yakima_Sister Karony

It's been uber busy! This past Saturday we had an appointment every hour! It was CRAZY!!! Also, Sister Hunt and I are alternating between kickboxing and yoga for exercise every morning, and my body hurts! But it's a good hurt.

-We had 5 investigators committed to coming to church this fast Sunday, but only one actually came. It was disappointing, but we realized the Lord was prompting us to focus more on this investigator who had come.

-I was talking with Sister Hunt (look up "Companionship Inventory" in Preach My Gospel), and she said my strength was never giving up.

-I felt triumphant this past Saturday when we were teaching our investigator about Jesus Christ. I taught more simply and clearly than I've ever done for all of my mission so far; and Sister Hunt and I taught in perfect unity of the Spirit. We had prayed before the lesson for the Spirit to prick his heart, but it turned out to be more like he was stabbed right through the heart, in a very good way. I felt the entire lesson like it wasn't me talking, things were coming out of my mouth that I can't remember. All I do really remember is the opening my mouth part. I've had many other lessons and interactions since then with similar experiences when I find myself saying something that makes no sense to me, but it touches the person I'm talking to.

-We taught a women on Saturday evening as we accompanied her to walk her dog, something Sisters have been doing for a few months now, but we finally had a real religious discussion and taught the Restoration. I'd thought I'd been simple and clear with my other investigator, but then I did this lesson. Sister Hunt and I were on fire with the Spirit! It was the smoothest, most spirit filled Restoration lesson I've ever done! I felt so content and peaceful afterwards as we walked home from this. The entire day had been run by the Spirit, telling us where to go when appointments fell through and what to say and do, and where to go to find those we were meant to find and teach that day. It was like we were on a cloud of happy exhaustion.

-All these experiences of finding our new investigators by the Spirit, teaching by the Spirit, are teaching me a little bit at a time how to recognize and act upon the holy ghost's promptings. It's strengthened my testimony that I can do it and will become good at it. It's also strengthened my testimony that the Lord will keep His promises to me, because Has has been letting us know specifically the when, where, and who of our new investigators to find each day. He promises that to all missionaries as we pray specifically for this, pray as if it's all up to Him, and then go out and work as if it's all up to us. Often in answer to this prayer, we have investigators dropped into our laps by members. That happened yesterday when a member family at church asked us to come teach the lessons to their son's girlfriend who had come to them asking to be taught by the missionaries. All these events have strengthened my testimony that this is the Lord's work, and He's the one in control.

-My scripture for this week is the WKM scripture theme: 3 Nephi 5:13 (Luka's birthday!!! Lol!) Reminds me of my purpose and focus as a missionary.

-Sister Hunt is going to write you a letter with a couple of Sister-Karony-isms in it for you.

My word for 2015 is: Faith. Everything thus far on my mission has been about faith. Faith keeps popping out at me whenever I read the scriptures, listen to talks, speak with President Ware, talk with people in general, and open my mouth to teach.

Sister Karony

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