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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 02_Yakima_Sister Karony

So this week has been a whopper! Zone Conference And the Temple trip happened! Today we went to the Temple, so our P-day became Thursday instead of Monday. I'm glad it's over because we were starting to ration food! lol! Thank heavens for members who sent us home with leftovers!

-I WILL NEVER SURRENDER!!! I've never been good at giving up. Why start now?

-We stopped by our investigator who is currently on date to be baptized. He hadn't been able to make the last 2 lessons we'd had with him, but we finally got in. Had an awesome lesson about the scriptures and reviewing the plan of salvation. The spirit was super strong and at the end he said the closing prayer. While he was praying he said "And please bless the sisters that they'll find more people to baptize; but not on my baptism date, cuz that's my date". WOOT WOOT!!!! He's so gonna make his date!  
-We had found 2 new investigators this past week, but it was Sunday night at 6pm and we still had one more to find to reach our committed week's goal of 3. It was 30 degrees and we couldn't feel our limbs anymore. After an hour and a half we knocked on a door and someone answered. She's was a young woman searching for God. I recited the 1st vision and gave away my second Book of Mormon as she soaked it in. We're teaching her more on Saturday. Heavenly Father asks us to have faith and do all that we can, and He promises to make our visions into reality because of our faith. 
-Faith LITERALLY makes things happen. I had this going through my mind and at the end of Zone conference I asked my District Leader for a blessing. President Ware was near by and counseled me and asked me to slow down a little more, and for me to laugh more. He said "Sister Karony, nobody can be 5000rpm 24/7. So take it down to 4000rpm and laugh more at like 1000rpm more. I take the Gospel and my family seriously, but not myself". It pricked my heart. 

-Favorite scripture this week is Alma 8:30-32. Nothing will silence my testimony as I go where the Lord leads me to those who are prepared by Him to hear it. It's his work, not ours, or it would've been messed up a long time ago.

If you can find a way, keep getting involved with missionary work. Members are setting the work of God on fire! We have more success with members being involved. Miracles are pouring out over my whole area because of the efforts of the members. It's so AWESOME!!!! Though, not to say it isn't hard and we do have appt.'s that fall through more often than not, but there has been only one week in the past 6 months where the missionaries here haven't found a single new investigator to teach the Gospel to. The work is hastening! There's a reason the mission is splitting in July, because there is SO MUCH happening! I'm so grateful and humbled to be serving out here.

I love your letters! Lots of love from Yakima! And don't worry, I'm getting better food here than you could ever get back home. Perks of being in Farming State Central!

Sister Karony



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