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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Letter_Week 08_Yakima_Sister Karony

BANGKOK IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!! I practically jumped from my seat and had to smother a cheer! Also, when Uchtdorf slipped into German I laughed so hard! This General Conference was awesome and the answer to so many prayers. Sister Dickson and I are so grateful for the Holy Ghost that inspired those God-sent messages to us, our members, and especially our investigators! I really loved "a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying"! We've used that in a couple lessons already with our investigators who are feeling a bit intimidated by how "good" the church members are. We talked it out though and they feel more confident now about coming to church.
Just FYI, whoever sends me the this conference's ensign when it comes out will be da BESTESS!

-I've felt triumphant a lot this week: 
~We were really tired at the end of our day when we went to contact a couple that the Spanish Elders had found in our part of Union Gap and we ended up teaching them the Restoration and they became new investigators. 
~Another investigator set a date for baptism for the end of April. He is so excited! We are so proud of him and his continued perseverance to learn and apply the Gospel in his life.

-I felt content and peaceful as we watched General conference at our Stake Center. I am so grateful for all the inspired, spiritually nourishing words of the Prophet and Apostles, and other leaders. It was needed to recharge our spiritual tanks to keep going forward with steadfastness in Christ in His work. It also strengthened my testimony that The Prophet and his Apostles are truly called of God.

-My favorite scripture this week is Ether 12:27. He is truly making my weaknesses become strong unto me. God always keeps His promises when we do as He asks.

~~~~~ This week's email from President Ware: 
Dear Elders and Sisters of the WKM, 
The most powerful, Spirit-filled general conference! The teachings of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation and the restoration truths were taught simply and liked to our own lives. Inspired questions were asked by the Spirit, and the Spirit bore strong witness to every heart of the truth! A profound conference question, “What sign will you give to the Lord to show your love for HIM?” Will we give our whole heart and will to Him? 
The Lord is pouring down miracles upon your investigators and your area. It is because of your deep faith and consecrated acts of faith that God grants you these blessings and miracles. This week 6 of our brothers and sisters made a covenant with Christ in baptism, and 25 are preparing to be baptized this week. Our prayerful goal is 62 souls to come unto Christ. 
We MUST TWE (talk with everyone)! There are scads of people being prepared by the spirit of the Lord all around us IF we will pray with real intent and hunt, scratch, claw and dig to FIND them by the Spirit. Your most effective FINDING we be through involving the members in everything you do. Lessons, meals, conversations at Church, every member, every time. Focus on your purpose and God will magnify your diligence 10 fold. Lift your eyes up to God’s purpose. He wants you to bring souls to Christ in baptism and conversion every month, even every week! See His Vision, exert great faith and mighty prayer, and GO and DO. He has the power when we show forth great faith.
FOUR Principles of Priesthood Power that will increase your Vision and Tie your Words of Faith to Acts of Faith. 
o   Increase your FAITH in CHRIST by laying everything on the altar of sacrifice, hold nothing back.
o   Be motivated to be obedient in all things because you love Christ, knowing He first loved you.
o   Focus on your missionary purpose with all your heart, might, mind and strength.
o   Live THE Doctrine of Christ and pray with real intent so the FIRE of the Holy Ghost is in you. 
Obedience and Sacrifice UNLOCK heaven’s miracles. Live the mission rules with real intent. Faith in Christ must always precede the Miracle. 
Act in faith upon the changes the Spirit taught you in Conference. Become more like Christ!
With love, President and Sister Ware
I love them so much!

I miss and love you all! But I feel the Lord's hand in my life. I feel happier than I've ever been, and so humbled and grateful to my Savior for the enabling power of His Atonement that makes it possible for me to be out here.

Sister Karony
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Easter Cupcake! YUM!!!

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