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Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter Week_54_Sister Karony_Selah

It's done...time to write a new song with new lyrics and familiar music, singing my way into the next chapter of my post-missionary life!!!!!!!
I can't believe this is the last email I will send you as a full-time Sister missionary of the WYM!!!!!! I am all ready to leave, and though there is the normal butterflies in my stomach about the future, overall I feel calm. There's a strange sense of peace. I talked with the member who lets us do our laundry at their home, and she said her son was the same way, and that he was worried he wasn't freaking out more about going home. She told me his mission president said it meant he had served a good mission, he'd done the work. I feel like the same is true for me. I feel like the Lord is pleased with me. I'm so grateful that He called me to serve and gave me the chance to play a small part in His work. How it has changed my life! And hopefully, through the grace of God, it has changed the lives of others as well for the better.
The work in our Ward is also in good hands and I've successfully managed to I can't believe I go into the mission home tonight after our investigator's baptism and then fly home tomorrow. I hope you have it all set up for me getting released. I am going to be so tired! I won't write much more than this today, cuz I'll be home in like 36 hours or something. I really don't know what to say.... 
Sister Smith is staying in our Ward and will be training a new missionary. I totally called it! Sister Atkinson and Sister Heffernan are getting doubled out to Yakima and Ellensburg, and Elders are getting doubled in. There are 7, including me, missionaries going home tomorrow and 24 missionaries coming in... WHOA! This mission is exploding! The work in our Ward is also in good hands and I've successfully managed to cause minimal disruption of the work. I've worked my backside off to the very end, and tonight we get to watch as someone who has become family to us enter the waters of baptism and then reiceve the Gift of the Holy Ghost. In a year he'll be able to go to the temple and be sealed to his wife in an eternal marriage! This is what the work is all about, helping families become eternal. We had at church yesterday: a less active couple, who have nonmember kids at home, a returning less active man with his nonmember wife and son, a returning less active woman in a wheelchair with her nonmember husband, also in a wheelchair, our investigator getting baptized tonight and his wife, and a less active family who's returning to full activity. So much happening! The work will continue to roll forth and hasten. I'm excited for the missionaries still serving here in the WYM.
Got to go now! Love you all and see you soon!

Sister Karony
I'm gonna miss these two and our collective four-pan craziness! 

One of the world's best companion's ever! I couldn't've asked for someone better to see me off. I'll miss this beautiful woman!​ 

We be stylin'!​

My heart is in Yakima and Selah! I'll be back to visit as soon as I can!​

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