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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Letter Week_51_Sister Karony_Selah

This week was full of miracles! This Sunday though, we had an investigator tell us that we'd be having a baptism... This investigator was ready to be baptized weeks ago, but he was told by the Holy Ghost that his brother-in-law needed to do it, and he was supposed to be in Chile until June... But he came home early, two days ago, as a surprise! Now his baptism is going to be on Feb. 22nd!!! It's the same day I go into the mission home. What a way to end my mission! With a miracle baptism! However, every baptism is a miracle. We are on cloud nine over here! WAHOO! We are also working really hard on making sure everything gets done properly and we're working closely with our investigator. This has really boosted my faith and strengthened my testimony that God does answer our prayers. We had stopped praying that this investigator would be able to be baptized sooner and be OK with it not being his brother-in-law, and had started praying instead that his brother-in-law would come home sooner. Talk about a prayer answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just had to ask for the right thing. And, once that got thru to us, we did it, and look at where we are now! He's the only one in his family not baptized, so everyone is super excited! We get to be a part of uniting a family! And next year on Feb 22 they can go to the temple and be sealed as a family! THIS is what a mission is all about: being an instrument in the Lord's hands to unite families for eternity. We are so blessed!
Also, I had my last Zone Conference this week and got to give my departing testimony. That was a bitter sweet day. I don't want this to be over, but I'm definitely coming more to terms with it and it's becoming less scary to me. I am not the same person I was when I came out here, and even if I tried, which I WON'T, things could never be the same again. It can only get better or worse. So, I'm going for better.

We were sick as dogs on Friday and had to stay in, but we went out in the evening and got some work done still. But it didn't get better until Sunday. Sister Smith and I were so out of it! We slept until 3pm! If I hadn't been unconscious, I would've gone crazy! Luckily we got well enough to go out at all, or I really would have lost it anyway. Good times...
I will give 'til I have nothing left, and then give some more.

I am tired and don't have much else to say. It was a long week of hard work. We found a golden family that we've started to teach, and we have a lesson with a golden sounding potential investigator. There's just too much that happened this week for me to write about it. I'll be sure to audio record all about it though!

Glad to hear you went and saw the D'Andrea's. Give them my love!

Attached is the recording of me singing at the Zone conference. I'm a bit iffy sounding because we only got to practice twice, and I was trying not to cry, but it's still pretty. Thought you'd like to hear it.
Sister Karony-ism for the week: We were talking about which Disney villians we'd be. The other Sisters decided that if I were evil I would be a mix of Ysma (Emperor's New Groove) and Shawn Yu (Mulan) and the Evil Queen (Snow White). So funny!
I'm enjoying every minuet out here!

Sister Karony

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