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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Letter Week_49_Sister Karony_Selah

Happy 20th birthday Braden!!!

So, this week has been BUSY!!! So busy that we all fell asleep in our apartment with the bedroom lights on two nights in a row. Sister Heffernan woke up at 2:21 am and turned it off. Then Sister Smith woke up and turned it off at 11:45 pm. I was so tired this week it made me sick! So yes, I was sick Saturday thru yesterday and into today. But last night I got a blessing and was told I'd have a speedy recovery.

I am SO TIRED!!!!!!!! It's AWESOME!!!!! And I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! It's weirding me out!!!

I got busted at the local burger place by a member who works there that I was an opera singer. It was funny!

I'm working on the essay for the scholarship that dad sent me and have emailed President Lewis for help with the community service hours verification and recommendation stuff. He'll be emailing you dad if he has questions :). 

So, I'm getting over being sick. My back is hurting bad though, but we're getting new mattresses soon, so that'll help a ton!

Nothing is stopping us!

We worked so hard this past week. We got 8 referrals this week! We've contacted 5 so far. This was an answer to prayers because we've been asking everyone and before this past week we'd only gotten one referral out of it. Now it's finally bearing fruit! I'm definitely still working on having the patience to endure the Lord's timing. It's hard to be patient when you're constantly shaking off the feeling that time is running out... oh well! Life is life! And mission life is awesome!

I was frustrated this week when we still didn't find the child of god who's ready to be baptized this month, but then we both realized it's all in the Lord's timing. Yes, His vision IS that each companionship helps one of His children receive baptism and confirmation monthly, but there is their agency and stuff to go with it. But God's in control and He did tell me thru my blessing yesterday that I needed to be patient in enduring His timing... Right on the nose, as per usual, of course! So, I'm giving it to Christ and just keeping moving forward.

I've started the "My Plan" program from the Church that's for helping missionaries transition into "civilian" life post-mission. It's promoting a lot of reflection on my mission and I'm so grateful for that, because it's helping me keep from getting trunky! Don't worry! Funny story: I thought that I was getting trunky earlier this week though, because I was thinking about how I was going to make my last weeks most effective. Then sister Smith told me that was the opposite of trunky. Aren't companions just awesome! They help you get much needed reality checks! It's perfect!
My Ponderizer this week is... I don't remember this second.... hahahaha, funny! Will update you next week!
Something I forgot to tell you about sister Smith is that she trains guide dogs for the blind when she's home! Cool!

I love you all! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!


Sister Karony

Pday magic!

Bag of fries!

Our neighbor got a car upgrade! Our car is the white one! we camouflage better in this weather though!

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