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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Letter Week_50_Sister Karony_Selah

This week was epic!

I was sick one day this week and have not woken up late once. I don't fall back asleep either!
I've definitely had my voice every day.
I am getting over my fear of talking with everyone! We spent last Monday night tracting and OYMed 12 people in only 3 hours! And that was only Monday! We found 3 new investigators and at ward council had a record of progress for the week 1 two sided sheet completely filled and one side of another filled to share with everyone. Our Bishop's face was priceless! He's awesome! By the way, I've not mentioned this in any of my emails thus far, but our Ward Mission Leader and His wife are also amazing! You don't have to worry about me mom, I've got some parents up here too! The Portera's (that's them) are wonderful and so supportive of us and the work. In fact, the entire ward is the same way! We are so spoiled here in Selah! They make it easy for us to work hard. So, to sum it all up= "It was somewhat frighting, but exhilarating!" I have been working so hard on overcoming my fear and this week has marked the beginning of a crazy change. My fear is disappearing, and I am acting in spite of it with more confidence in the Lord and my companion. We've doubled our OYM's now and this week we're gonna keep reaching higher!
I'VE NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am NOT counting down, but I am aware of the time passing and I'm pushing to give my all. I got a blessing this past week that talked about how the Lord still has a lot for me to do and that I will be given the strength to give my all. He also said that my talents and I are still needed. I have been so worried about not being needed or of use to God. But this blessing reassured me. I had also been agonizing over whether or not I have done anything for him, and He told me I have and will continue to. I am not here for me. I am here because I love God. He sent out the call for more missionaries and I heard Him. And here I am, over 2 years later and finishing my mission. After this I'll be answering the call to be a missionary for forever; because, to quote Elder Holland "I hope that it's never ever over for me"!
We also had a world wide missionary training broadcast this week! We found out that there are currently there are about 75,000 full-time missionaries serving world wide! Crazy! It was so cool! Some things I learned:
-We are the instruments to be used by the Holy ghost, He's NOT the instrument for us.
-We must be worthy and prepared vessels to bring the Holy Ghost unto the heart of the investigator, but only the Holy Ghost can enter into their hearts, and only if He's invited in by them. We are responsible for being worthy and prepared and creating the environment where that can happen. We just need to get out of the way and let the Holy Ghost do His thing!
-We must be prepared! As the African saying goes "You can't draw water from an empty well." So it is with us. The Holy Ghost can't draw on anything in your head when nothing's there :P.
This is just a couple points of what I got from it. I'm so grateful I got to be apart of this, something they haven't done in over a decade. My mission is truly going out with an awesome bang! And that kinetic energy is going to send me forward into the rest of my life with a new pep in my step to take on the world! Let's go!
Also, just got asked to sing in Zone Conference this week yesterday. I am pickling the song right now and finding an accompanist. I'm so happy I get to sing at my last Zone Conference! I love bearing my testimony thru song. There's truly nothing else like it!
Your Sister Karony-ism for this week: I ate a Carolina Reeper pepper last night at dinner! This pepper is hotter than a ghost pepper. SO GOOD! It has a buttery chocolate taste and warms you up nicely. Like you're cuddled up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter's night. Needless to say, Sister Smith thinks I'm funny...
My scripture Ponderizer for this week is Alma 26:11-12. I am not anything, and if I am, it's only because of God, because He is with me.

Sister Karony

This dog loks like a smaller albino Ducky!​
​ Her name's Cracker!​


Sister Smith

We're so cute! The Dynamic Dynamo trio here! We're the Holy Ghost's back up! He be headin' this fine crew!​

Wanted to throw a rock thru the ice! Notice that there's a cactus in the background! You can almost forget you're in a desert with all this snow!

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