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Monday, February 22, 2016

Letter Week_53_Sister Karony_Selah

"Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day!" From the Selah Sisters!

Now I've had as many weeks on the mission as I've had companions! CRAZY!!!
A lot has happened this past week! I don't even know where to start! 

I can't believe I'm in the final stretch! With God's help I'm gonna finish strong! I have no intentions to finish in any other way! And besides, ending a mission with a baptism, that's every missionary's dream! We have lots to do in our area this week, so I'm not slowing down! Everything is falling into place. I'm excited to see you and Sister Lewis on Wednesday and for my exit interview on Friday. I love that I've gotten so many chances to get to know both of you better. And don't worry, we're still definitely praying for you with this crazy transfer coming up. It's so awesome to see how the mission is just exploding with growth. I am so grateful I got to play my small part in it. The Lord makes everything possible, He truly does, and He is definitely the one doing the work. I'm just grateful I got the chance to be here to witness it.

This whole "going home" thing is bitter-sweet. But I'm keeping my chin up and I'm a keepin' keepin' on! "Never surrender, unless it's to God!" That's my motto!
The future is as bright as our faith; and with the caliber and faith of the missionaries coming out here and already serving here, that future is very bright indeed!

I am so happy and so sad at the same time, but staying positive. I have no worries about going home, I'm preparing and doing my part, so there's absolutely no reason to be having anxiety about it.

We had a special broadcast Stake Conference yesterday for the North American, USA Northwest and West regions. Elder Renlund and Sister Oscarson spoke and some other GA's. Elder Renlund talked about putting the Gospel into context by referring to "the short answer" whenever asked by others about why we believe what we believe. The short answer is that in 1820 a young boy named Joseph Smith wanted to know what church to join and so he prayed and asked God, and God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, came to him and told him to join none of the churches. they called him to be the prophet thru whom They restored Their church to the earth... etc. We believe in revelation thru modern day prophets.
That is just what I can remember. But really, when you don't put our faith in the context of revelation and the plan of salvation, it's so hard to answer the question and explain our beliefs. Elder Renlund is so awesome!

Our investigator who is getting baptized on the 22nd met President Lewis yesterday too! That happened because President and Sister Lewis are in the same stake as me, so they were there with us yesterday. I got my recommendation and verification of service hours from him then too. Also, he shared with Sister Smith and I and our investigator and his wife that all the missionaries going home this transfer will be going to his baptism! I don;t have to go into the mission home until after the baptism! So, YES, still email me on Monday! Or I will be peeved! :P, lol, but really... So, with that happening I get to have a full p-day and to help with the baptism! Even cooler is that it worked out that this investigator is getting confirmed at the same time as well! So, I get to still be companions with Sister Smith and see the whole thing! Also, the 22nd is the 2 years since baptism mark for 2 of my other investigators from Hermiston. It's a big day!

Invite all my friends in the area to my talk, will you? I'd love to see as many of them there as possible! I miss everyone so much, but don't worry, still not trunky! Though I will be needed some more money to send home packages so my suitcases aren't over weight. Also, DO NOT open the box with the cow horn in it! It REEKS!!!!! I've got to air it out and finish drying it out once I'm home. Thanks for the laugh by the way! When I read how it startled you when you opened my box, I lost it! I needed that!

I am out of time, but I love you all! PEACE!!!
Sister Karony

​Best Four-pan ​Ever! Selah Sisters, GO! This was at my 2 months to "22" dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house this last Friday. Can't believe I'll be 22 soon!


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