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Monday, January 27, 2014

MORE FROM LISL_Week 7_Hermiston, OR

Hey Fam!
So do you like all the funny stories? I hope so! I've got like 5 minuets left to write you, so excuse the mistakes!
I learned something great about the Atonement yesterday. Think about "How would the Savior greet me?". for those of us who have sinned or transgressed and struggle to repent and do right again, so for every single one of us, He's going to embrace us and tell us how happy and grateful He is that we tried, that we turned to Him and the Father. The harder it was for us to repent, the happier He'll be to see us again. I reread the parable of the Prodigal son and it hits me how I'm just like that boy, how we all are to a degree. There is nothing we can do for Them to stop loving us unconditionally. They love us even more and rejoice like nonother when we come back to Them. How wonderful it is that we can repent! It's not a bad thing, it's a blessing! How great is God! I love Him with all my soul! How could we ever want to lose sight of him and be sucked down by the winds and tempest seas like Peter did? And even if we do, He's right there to catch us!
I love you my Family, and I'm grateful that god gave me all of you. Forgiveness is such a wonderful thing!


Sister Karony

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