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Monday, January 20, 2014

MORE FROM LISL_Week 6_Hermiston_Sister Karony

In the "More from Lisl" portion of the blog each week (if applicable), Lisl's mother (Jen) will be posting the Lislisms and stories that she sends to her family in separate emails from the ones used for her official Blog posts. 

Hallo Meine Familie!
Wie gehts alle? Ich vermisse sie. 
It's really difficult when you fall short of your goals or don't quiet succeed in being exactly obedient to the schedule. When that happens you actually see the consequences manifest in the success you have. You don't get nearly as many people to talk to and the spirit isn't with you as much as it usually is. Well, it always is, but it's like you miss the information that it gives so you're not as effective in teaching as you could've been. There's nothing more devastating personally to a missionary, other than losing an investigator or such things like that. It makes you feel sorrow and motivates you to do better than before. It's a constant battle with Satan to keep improving. He's a tricky bum-head. As my MTC companion would say "I wish I could punch Satan in the face. Too bad he doesn't have a body!!!" or  "You know, he probably wouldn't be so mean if he could just get a hug... to bad he doesn't have a body!" yeah, love and miss you Sister Faulkner! She'd in Moses Lake right now, so let Matt (Pinegar) know :). She's awesome sauce!
So there's some stuff about how the Lord gives and takes on a mission.

I have a scripture for all of you: 
Alma 25: 16-17
16 Now they did not suppose that asalvation came by the blaw of Moses; but the law of Moses did serve to strengthen their faith in Christ; and thus they did retain a chope through faith, unto eternal salvation, relying upon the spirit of prophecy, which spake of those things to come.
 17 And now behold, Ammon, and Aaron, and Omner, and Himni, and their brethren did rejoice exceedingly, for the success which they had had among the Lamanites, seeing that the Lord had granted unto them according to their aprayers, and that he had also verified his word unto them in every particular.

I sang in Sacrament this Sunday, "I Stand All Amazed" and did it accapella. Everyone, babe and not was totally silent the entire time. One of the members, Lou, said a lady had the audasity to cough and he glared at her. I thought that was funny! He can be scary if he doesn't like you, and I'm one of the 4 people he actually likes and not just tolerates. He's nicknamed me "Slightly Caucasian Sister" and says if I ever need anybody wacked, that he's the man! Hahahaha! It's funny cuz he's actually serious! I'll explain more about that another time!
So it was awesome. I've attached a practice for my performance, not sure which cuz don't have the time to check which, but knew you'd like it. Love you!
Keep it up! I know that God and His Son are smiling on you all! He's so proud of everyone of you. I feel Their love for you, and just how much He is protecting you all from the devil's grasp. I testify that no effort is in vain, every single effort counts and is of infinite worth in the effort to return to Him and building His kingdom on the Earth.
Got to go now! I love you all!

Sister Karony

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