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Monday, January 27, 2014

Blog Letter _Week 7_Hermiston OR


So, I ran out of time last week to finish everything and send it off, but I will today! I don't want to send anything until I've finished all of it! :)
It's been a crazy week! We had spurn of the moment exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders in Pendelton, on thursday to friday morning. I stayed with here and got Sister Funk, and Sister Fletcher went to Pendelton with Sister Maynard. sister funk was so funny! We hit it off and the lessons that day went really well. I even took the lead in them all! Crazy!

And now for a funny story:
My companion hates animals and I love them, and so we were going to members' home for dinner and they can't have kids, so they have 2 cats, whom they call their children. So I decide to get a kick out of it and start talking up this family and talk about how cute their boys, Jasper and Patch Adams, were and how much she was going to love them all. Hehehehehehe, she thinks I'm talking about a cute young family with little HUMAN baby boys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Her face when we walked in and she was introduced to the "boys". The member couple thought my joke was hilarious! My companion not so much; so I love reminding her about it! :P. I love being a Sister missionary!

However, Sister Fletcher got her revenge the next evening:
So, we're having dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house and he asks one of his sons to throw him a roll. His son, then proceeds to throw one from the opposite side of the really long dining room table, past all 15 people, who were all, of course, watching this happen, except me, who was busy thinking about how we could help an investigator. I turned to see what was happening and WHAM! I get a face full of roll, and it rebounds off my face onto our WML's plate. He looks at and shurgs and proceeds to eat it, while trying not to laugh so hard. My face was priceless! We all were laughing so hard we started crying! My face actually hurt afterwards though and the roll even left a red mark right between my eyes. He'd thrown it hard!

So, that's what I have for this week. It's been not as busy this week, but we've been hard at work nonetheless. So many people to see and share the gospel with! I've never felt more alive! I never loved my Savior and Heavenly Father more than I do now that I'm a missionary!


Sister Karony

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