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Monday, January 20, 2014

MORE FROM LISL Hermiston_Week 5_Sister Karony Jan 14

In the "More from Lisl" portion of the blog each week (if applicable), Lisl's mother (Jen) will be posting the Lislisms and stories that she sends to her family in separate emails from the ones used for her official Blog posts. 

It's been crazy windy here with gigantic tumble weeds galore! There's dust everywhere and on everything. I thank the heavens for Zyrtec! I'm sending a bunch of letters and pictures your way this week, so never fear, you'll hear more from me. I hope you enjoyed my letter to you Dad, I hope it helped. I love and miss you all so much!
Funny story for you all!
So we're at dinner at a members' home and she and her roomates' home teachers were eating with us. They're all single and it's really funny because I got to sick next to one of the brothers who for some reason, I just seem to attract crazy, started hitting on me! I'm a Sister Missionary, and the man's like over 30 years old! And he wasn't even attractive either, and I'm not being mean. He's a nice man, but the Spirit was blaring "DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!" He's wasn't a creep or a scketchy person at all, he's just literally completely socially inept. I sat with my back to him as Sister Fletcher (I was sitting next to him since my companion, REVENGE :P!!!,) had fed me to the wolves and moved so She wouldn't have to sit by him. I was tried to eat my dinner without making eye contact or letting him draw me into conversation. I wasn't subtle at all, but still not rude, but he still didn't get the memo... He kept trying to make us relatable and that's when he asked the question which will forever live in infamy, "May I ask, if it's not to personal, the reason you wear glasses?" I shortly answered, :Because I have astigmatism." then he said, "Oh? I was only asking because I wear my to keep in my glass eyeball." ... I seriously nearly punched him in the face. I do not have a glass eyeball, nor do I look like I do! The reason I never looked at him is because he takes it the wrong way! OH MY HOLY HICKORIES!!! Now it's funny, but it wasn't Sunday night. I feel so sorry for him, but I am not putting myself in that situation again! The Sister who was feeding us had the men leave shortly after we'd booked it out of their because he started hitting on her roomate and was bluntly shot down and cut down to size. I'm glad I didn't have to do it.
But we still can't stop laughing about it!
So, prayer has been a huge thing this past week. We've prayed like 20 times a day, because we were either sick or we were so bone tired that we could hardly move. I've never felt this exhausted before, I've pretended too be, but this is the first time that I've truly been this tired. I wish I could take it all back... good this Christ did that for me already! Thank you Jesus!
He and Heavenly Father are so cool. We've literally been carried by them this past week. Sister Fletcher is too nice to say something when members feed her gluten foods, and so she gets really sick, because she's gluten sensitive. She also doesn't want to make a big deal because some people freak out; so it's a good thing she has me. After having to drive us home twice (I really am an awesome driver :) YAHOO!!!) I've put my foot down and am now the one who makes sure everyone is 150% aware of her allergy and I'm the one who makes sure that she stops when she tries to hide how sick she is. Dad she's taught me a lot about you and what you must feel. She's got the same tenacity to work through the pain. However, it further regresses her health, and she hates that it's not going faster, and so I have to drag her back to the house. NO MORE!!! I've got her taken care of now, to her semi-chagrin, ;P hehehe. I love you Sister, but God made us companions for a reason, and this is one of those reasons! :) Can't hide nothing from discernment when God's on your side! I'm just as responsible for her as she is for me, and ya'll's know how I get with loyalty, and so help me if I don't make it a priority. We can't teach anybody if we don't pace ourselves according to our current needs and abilities. Helping her is helping me to pace myself and I can feel my stamina growing. Sigonara old days! Christ's got'cha beat!
I love the Atonement and the blessing it is in our lives. I have never known or understood anything as I grow to do so now. The Atonement is the most wonderful gift given to mankind, besides the Holy Ghost. Our elder Brother loves us so much! He carries us! He lifts us up! He lives!
I love you all and I am so grateful that families are eternal. 18 months is a long time to be a part, but we have the eternities yet to enjoy. Let's strive together to get there.
Keep looking up, especially when times are good and when times are hard. Talk with the Lord, He's listening and waiting to answer your prayers. Just ask, and He'll give. I've seen so many miracles, I couldn't possibly tell you them all, and I probably didn't realize a lot of other things that were miracles as well. There are so many!
Get to know our Father in heaven better and our Savior. It will bless you as it has me. I promise that there will be no enemy that can stand against you if you do so. God is waiting. Get on you knees and speak what's aching in your heart to be released. I testify these thing to you, my beloved family, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Karony

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