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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter Week_42_Mission Ridge_Sister Karony (The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is "42")

This week of my mission is the meaning of life, #42!!! Hahahaha! 

I have been called to be a trainer for a new missionary this transfer! AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm gonna be a "mom". I'm the "oldest" (been out the longest) English Sister in the mission, so it was bound to happen. President Ware did say when he asked if I was supposed to train while I was in Yakima, that Heavenly Father said "not yet". He didn't say "no". So I'm freaking out a little bit of course! But I'm super excited! This will definitely help keep me from getting trunky! Ain't nobody got time for that! My big concern I told President Lewis was about messing up one of His (Heavenly Father's missionaries) children. President Lewis said "They're counting on you to not mess up one of His children." ............ God does have a sense of humor, and so does my Mission President!

We got into an accident last Monday around 9:15 am because of ice on the road. We hit a truck, but we had some serious guardian angels working! Prayers for safety really do work, it should've been MUCH worse. No one was injured and the cars just have scratches and small dents. It was not because I'm a bad driver. I was going slowly! Darned ice and snow!  I also took the Sisters up to the ski resort that's in my ward's area and introduced them to a real amount of real snow for their first time. Sister Wilson is from AZ and Sister Robalin is from TX. It was super fun!

We've had so many adventures in this short week, I cannot possibly write you all about it all. We have made very thorough audio recordings though, and I did fill another journal completely yesterday. I think that makes #3. I'm also finished my 5th notebook though... So much awesome stuff! Personal revelation rocks!

I've been companions this week with Sisters Wilson and Robalin and it has been awesome! We are the legendary trio! Sister Wilson is companion #50, and Sister Robalin is #51. My trainee will be #52! Crazy! I get her on Wednesday! Pray for me!

My ponderizer for this week is Alma 27:17-18 This is the joy I want to experience when I return home to all of you again, and at any mission reunions that I attend afterwards.

Candy and warm socks would be very appreciated and any cool star wars stuff! I'm working on sending all my late b-day presents and stuff to you next week. Getting to the post office is hard as a missionary. There's never enough time! I love how things are so normal back home. I love you all! 


Sister Karony

After service helping clean up a woman's yard.

De-icing the air hose with our heaters so we can put air into our tires!​

My side of the river has more snow! And it's still falling!​

Driving home into an inversion! COLD!

Damage to our car​

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