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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter_Week 44_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge & Selah

I am being emergency transferred tomorrow at the Christmas party down to Selah. Why must Sister Karony go?  The reason is because neither one of us can drive now, and in our area we have to have a car. Why can't I drive anymore you ask?  So, there I was, minding my own business, when 'bang, crash, bump,' we got into another car accident this past week.  Because this is my third strike, regardless of who was at fault (not me!!!), I have had my driving privileges taken away by the Mission Home, per Church policy.  How did this happen you ask?  I had gotten my left mixed up with my right and switched directions, all while using the proper signals, and the other car was in our blind spot. It was horrible! (the accident, not loosing driving privileges) Satan is a jerk that won't stop trying to kill me! Sister Danger sprained her shoulder on the seat belt and we had to go to the ER. However, other than that and me being sore the past few days, we've been well. 

We're getting switched around to bring another driver to Mission Ridge, so Sister Danger may remain in her first area. Sister Danger will finish her training with another Sister, sister Skousen. My next companion's name is Sister Smith. Yes, another Sister Smith! And she'll be companion #53. I also look forward to my double Christmas party! I'll be here the Northern Zones' party and then down South for the one that's happening the day after in Yakima. SCORE! I still feel sad about the situation with leaving Sister Danger, and I will miss this area and the people. On the other hand, I've also missed the Yakima area so much this entire time being up North.

President Lewis said that it was about time that Sister Karony be put in a situation that didn't require me to fix, rebuild, build, or randomly jerry-rig anything. I'm excited for my "traditional" missionary experience! Regardless, however, I think "unique" has turned into a synonym for "Sister Karony".

I definitely felt like a failure multiple times this week, but I am striving to see the Lord's hand in this unique situation. I felt like a failure as I sat in the ER with my injured companion and thought it was all my fault. It wasn't until filling out the online report at a member's house that I discovered it wasn't. The members looked at the report and told me what the other car did was illegal. But crazy, the damage was in the exact same spot as the damage from the last accident. God's way of telling me this was in the program. So, I am NOT a failure! I'm excited for the future. I feel at peace.

We found a golden investigator this week and he already knows the Book of Mormon is true and he came to the ward Christmas party a few hours after we met him for the first time, and he is on date for baptism as well. He felt impressed that he was somehow present with the Nephites and the Lamanites when Christ came to the Americas, and he got to feel the prints of the nails in His hands as He passed by and Christ smiled at him, then continued thru the crowd. He said it was so real and he remembers what it felt like to this day. This man is so cool! People like this really do exist!

My ponderizer this week is 1 Nephi 16:18,23 I feel like Nephi when he broke his steel bow. The Lord's hand was in that and it was a test to see if he would remain faithful. This is  my test. Getting into an accident again and getting my driving privileges taken away was me breaking my steel bow. Now I've got my wooden bow and my one arrow made from a stick, and I've gone to my leaders and Heavenly Father, and asked where do I need to go next? Apparently Selah is where I need to go next. So be it!

Merry Almost Christmas! I'll be calling next week to set up a time to call you on Christmas day! Love you all!

Sister Karony

Tracting in the freezing rain!​

Exact same spot as the damage from the last accidents!

We be awesome!

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