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Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter Week_45_Sister Karony_Selah

MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a roller coaster week and I am exhausted! But I am so happy! Sister Smith is an awesome companion! (Yes, another Sister Smith is my companion.) I've been having "normal" missionary experiences, and I am so at peace. We have been out and about all the time! We walk in the snow! Yesterday as we walked home from church I saw a house with a snow shovel out front and a half shoveled walkway. I felt that we should help shovel it. My amazing companion was all for it. We took turns and had almost cleared all of it when someone came out of the house. I was surprised, because I had thought no one was home! However, I think the man was even more surprised to see two young women randomly shoveling his walkway. We talked with the man and shared "A Savior is Born" with him. I felt so good walking away. I had desired to do something good, just "for goodness' sake" and not for some agenda. Not that I've ever had "an agenda", but that I knew with all of me that I was just wanting to do good. Pure intent and the pure love of Christ. Such a cool moment! We've talked to a lot of people and ave shared "A Savior is Born" with them. Excited to see what happens! Christmas is such a wonderful time of year!
Until now my mission experience has been everything except "normal". It's snowing a ton and not stopping right now, so I'll be having a white Christmas!

This week has been awesome and crazy! We had two investigators at church yesterday! WAHOO!!!And I got to go to both of the mission's Christmas parties because I transferred at the first one and rode to Selah with President and Sister Lewis there. The second party was the next day. It was fun car bonding time! I sang lots of hymns and we chatted about things in the mission. I enjoyed it. For my first party I was still in my Wenatchee Zone and was put in charge of the song that our Zone would sing at the Christmas party, and I was inspired to choose "He Sent His Son" by the Church's Christmas Devotional. I made it into parts and divided it up and we did awesome for having hardly rehearsed it. I loved it! It was so awesome to see all the remaining missionaries that I know at the parties, all my past companions that are still around. It was great! All the Elders I came out with from the MTC went home on the 2nd of this month and it was weird not to see them there. "And then there was one." I'm a freaking dinosaur!

I did have my first rocky lesson this week where I said something that seemed to surprise the person we were teaching, but it was just a misunderstanding and the members at the lesson are definitely letting them know that I wasn't meaning to do it. I still don't really know what I did, and what I did I've done many times trying to refocus the discussion back onto a gospel topic. Sister Smith did comfort me later a bit when she told me that "if you've never offended anyone, then you haven't been really living" (Something like that...), and the members knew that I was distressed about it. I know God will work it out. I am will continue my efforts to strive to get closer to the Spirit and to increase my focus in lessons so as to minimize my blunders. This is the first time this has happened this time out on my mission. It was bound to happen sometime!  Like Abe Lincoln said, you can't please everyone all the time--this was my turn.

I crocheted President and Sister Lewis BYU colored scarves in less than 3 days without breaking rules. So really, it took my the equivalent of a few hours to make them both. So much fun! And glad I did with the weather we're having! They needed it! 

Look on Sister Lewis' blog and you'll see so many pictures of me! I've been everywhere!

The alarm in my new apartment was awful, and I missed waking up on time twice, so I fixed it today! 

My ponderizer this week is Moroni 8:26.  

I love you all! I can't mail my package to ya'll's this week because of the weather, but I will next week, I swear!

WHITE CHRISTMAS' ROCK!!!! The only good reason for snow!  This is your freezing Sister, signing off. Over and out!

Sister Karony

 Last picture with Sister Danger!
 Selfie with President Lewis!
Selfie with Sister Lewis!

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