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Monday, December 28, 2015

Letter Week_46_Sister Karony_Selah

Happy New Year!

This Christmas week was awesome! We got to watch the Mormon missionary movie "The Best Two Years", and it has a whole new, deeper meaning to me now because of actually being a missionary on a mission! It was so good to Facetime with you as well, despite all the preceding technical difficulties involved. We made it thru! I am excited for after the mission, but for now my focus and my heart will remain here in the mission field. Getting trunky is silly!

I have been frustrated with things, but now I'm doing better, because there's no point in fighting what you can't change, like that I'm going home on Feb 23rd... *sigh* Also, The one thing I've decided will be my focus to change this year of 2016 is: Meekness. As I begin my transition from missionary to civilian, I want to be meeker, which I feel will help me increase my kindness, gentleness, patience, calmness, and peacefulness now and for the rest of my life. 

I talked with President Lewis this past week, and I came up with three simple and clear goals for the remaining weeks of my mission; all of these are also goals I can take with me to my newly enhanced member missionary life after my formal mission ends:

1-Deepen my relationship with the Holy Ghost
2-Gain more confidence in teaching
3-Find, teach, and baptize two more of my brothers and sisters. (This is a companionship goal, we're doing it together. There are people prepared for this now!)
Simple, clear and focused goals for now the the future. I'm doing!

We saw a miracle yesterday as a part member family came to church for the first time in years! The parents are members, but their four children are not and they're all investigators. We'd had a lesson with them on Tuesday and for the first time they said they "would" come, not that they "would try" to come to church. Then things worked out where we ended up having daily contact with them in many different ways, and they showed up to church 11:30 on the dot! We had been hoping and had saved a pew for them, but we also we're worried because they hadn't responded to our call or texts—luckily they responded to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. We, however, were not as in tune with the Spirit it seems, since we were close to the point of giving up hope, when they gloriously walked through the door. They hadn't responded to us because they had wanted to surprise us. BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! I am so glad that God blessed us yesterday with this miracle. He renews my faith daily in the fact He touches the hearts of investigators to come to church.

Sister Karony-ism for this week: We were meeting with President Lewis when he came to check up on how I was adjusting to the recent changes and "traditional" missionary experience, he said something funny. He said to Sister Smith and I that he wanted to make sure that no one had died. I was like "What's that supposed to mean?" And his reply was "Where's the little girl, Sister Karony?" and Sister Smith was like "I'm not a little girl..." (I laughed about this later because I realized it was an unintentional short joke!). Hahahahaha! President Lewis gets me! Bwahahahahaha!

My Ponderizer for last week was Moroni 8:26. This week's Ponderizer is  Alma 17:11, my call to serve! Developing Christlike attributes is a must!

Tell Mercedes I say hi! And say hi to Sam for me! I miss them both! Love you all!


Sister Karony

Christmas Day Party (I ate way too much food for the first time ever and ended up getting sick... still worth it though! Such good food! Hahahaha! Adventures!)
 Onesie power!
Our Ch​
ristmas​ tree!

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