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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter_Week 43_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

It's a glorious day, Mom and Dad! I'M A "MOM"! You're Grandparents! Boo, you're an Aunt! PFC Stinkweat, Axel, and M&M, you're Uncles! IT'S A GIRL!!! My "Daughter" (my trainee) was "born" (came into the mission field) on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd at approx. 4:30 pm local time. She is so adorable! Her name is Sister Danger. Yes, DANGER! She was companion #52, 36 years old, 5'5" tall, and a convert of 2 years. She is also from Paw Paw, Michigan! I've learned these past few days that she has tattoos and plays hockey, and she is legit hard-core!  

She was raised by her grandparents there and so her "mom" is 80 years old and probably knows something about our family that lived there! God is opening doors! Her mom is an awesome "fire-breathing" Catholic and is super supportive of her coming out here. Sister Danger is going to be able to reach people we never would've been able to reach otherwise. She has be especially specially prepared to be here. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! And, what's even better, we actually get along! Of course, I'm expecting us to clash on some things, duh, but we both aren't willing to waste our time with that kind of drama. We really were meant to be companions!

I knew she was meant to be my trainee when I learned her last name was Danger. Heavenly Father really does speak to us in the way we understand! Also, she was baptized on May 4th, 2013. May the Fourth be with you! I love Star Wars! It's hysterical that He works this way sometimes!

Sister Danger is adjusting fairly well and she is a very quick learner and, most of all, she wants to and is willing to do it. We both struggled a bit this last week with the schedule, but we've turned a new leaf and Sister Danger has learned some very valuable lessons from the experiences we've had so far. It's definitely benefited us both greatly.

From even the few days we've been together, it's been amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing me for training. The inspiration comes without me even consciously realizing it half the time, but I recognize that it was the Spirit by the good fruit that comes afterwards. I am humbled that Heavenly Father trusts me and chose me to be Sister Danger's trainer. She is already showing her true colors as an amazing and simple and powerful messenger of the gospel. She seeks the Spirit and to treasure up His word. I am so blessed! I'm am learning so much from my amazing new companion. The Lord truly knows us personally!

She even teaching me how to drive better in the snowy and icy weather we've been having. She knows, cuz she's from Michigan! BOOYAH!!!

We had to skedaddle a few days ago from Sister Danger's first experience door knocking, because we ran into some teen hoodlums who started cussing about Mormons and "acting cool" when they saw us walking. The Spirit said to get home right away, without rushing of course. Running draws way to much attention! We live in a nice town, but it doesn't matter a lot of the time. I'm pretty sure those kids were getting ready for their daily drug running and dealing in the neighborhood judging by the Spirit and their bike and hiking backpacks. We got out safely though. We smile and don't bug them, they won't decide to cause trouble. It is so important to remember that they are still children of God, even though they're not acting like it. The adventures of a missionary! The Lord protects His servants! 

My testimony that God is in the details of my life has been strengthened by the events with Sister Danger and my testimony in the protection of God over my companion and I has been strengthened by the event with the teen hoodlums. And also my testimony in the power of prayer. In my cool name tag pictures in the snow, it actually got lost in the snow and we couldn't find it. We stopped and prayed, then not a min later Sister Skousen found it and so we prayed and said thank you to Heavenly Father. Never doing that again! It was a cool experience though. the little things matter to God too.

My PONDERIZER for this week is Alma 33:11. It is exactly how I feel. The power of prayer is real!

Sister Karony

Me and my new Trainee:

Sisters Wilson and Robalin and I. The legendary Trio!​

While waiting for our trainees and new companions to arrive, Sister Skousen and  I took a trip up into the mountains to try tracting the ski resort, but the weather stopped us, so we took some pictures.​

Us as we emailed today!

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