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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Letter_Week 33_Sister Karony_Moses Lake

This week was awesome! We started out struggling, but we went on exchanges and came back with strength and fire. I'm grateful for inspiration of the Spirit to our leaders and ourselves. Our 10 year old investigator got baptized and confirmed this weekend! She even had her 2 nonmember neighbor friends come; and they even practiced with her and participated in the special musical number that she, I, and her sister performed at the baptism. It was "I love to see the Temple". They also then came to the women's broadcast, and then to all of church the next day. We also had the Primary program this Sunday, and they even went up onto the stand with new, young convert and participated in it! They had 2 stowaways! One sister is 8 and the other is 9. During the Sacrament, she whispered and explained what was going on to the older sister while I helped the younger one. At the end of church the 8 year old asked if she could get baptized too. I said yes and said she needed to ask her mom if we could come teach her and her sister. She said she would. These girls are golden! And she is such an awesome member missionary for bringing them with her!  From the mouth of babes!

-I have not given up! And never will!

-I felt triumphant when we went out and worked and followed the Spirit and got in with some potential investigators and they became new investigators after an awesome lesson teaching the restoration.

-My favorite Mormon message of all time is "Reach Out With Love". Ground hog day Mormon style! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! My favorite scripture for this week is John 15:16, our mission's scripture!

-My testimony has been strengthened in the reality of my own divine nature. Thanks to my awesome companion, two wonderful Hermanas, Hermanas Blackmer and Streuling, the scriptures, the general women's session, and the Spirit, I have come to a greater understanding of this. I have been reminded that the Atonement is truly infinite and that thru Christ my true nature becomes apparent.

When you feel the Spirit, you can be assured that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are pleased and that you're on the correct path.

-We also had zone Conference this last week on Tuesday! It was awesome! We learned lots about using Family History in our everyday proselyting from Sister Lewis and about how to start OYM's. That last one was a definitely needed one for me! I contributed to the list of OYM starters "Is that your dog?". HAHAHAHAHA! I HAVE chased down a runaway dog to return it to it's owner, multiple times. It works awesomely and people are way more willing to talk to us. Though Sister Crofts does not know how to chase after animals, so it's a little trickier doing it alone. She's learning though! I'm not a total failure at being the senior companion :P hahaha! I love her!

I absolutely LOVED the general women's session! I loved Uchtdorf's talk and the stalker cat! When they announced that President Uchtdorf would be speaking, Hermana Blackmer and I fist pumped and cheered a little too loudly... hehehe! Sister Lapp, one of our ward's ward missionaries, who was sitting next to me, looked at us and laughed, and whispered, "You obviously like President Uchtdorf.". "Duh" was our eloquent answer. I love the awesome Sisters we serve with out here!

I am SO EXCITED for General Conference! It's gonna be awesome! What an exciting time we live in! Let's not sleep through the Restoration, and take full advantage of General Conference and be spiritually prepared for the answers we'll receive!

The super moon eclipse was stellar last night! Can't wait for the blood moon tonight! This is definitely a perk for walking missionaries; you get to see all these things as you walk around at night!

I love you all! I love all your letters.


Sister Karony

M., Sister Crofts, and I!​ So proud of this awesome 10 year old!

I crocheted this headband and wrist band in preparation for Winter. Super Cute!!!! Was super easy and didn't take long. Didn't waste any time doing it either!

We had a old west theme for our stake party after the general women's conference session. This is the result :P

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