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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Letter_Week 34_Sister Karony_Moses Lake

Sorry this is so late! I got a facial from a Mary Kay lady in my ward. Sister Crofts and I and the Hermanas had a blast. This was AWESOME! So yea, late, but my skin is so soft! BWAHAHAHA! I'm so cool!

-I have felt triumphant as in the past few days as we talked with more people and everyone! We got, We received and contacted a referral, and it turned out to be a golden investigator!!! He is on date for baptism October 24th! This man has kept all his commitments. SO GOLDEN!!!! We truly are blessed as we exercise our faith. God is interested in our progress, and His approval is all that's important in the end.  I feel so much better this week than I did last week. The difference is in my attitude. I was hanging onto things I wasn't even aware of until now, but now I let it go and it's so much lighter!  I feel so ‘Elsa’!

-I felt peace as we listened to and watched General Conference.

-My ponderize scripture for this week is Alma 5:16 from my personal reading this morning. It's good to ask yourself these questions every now and again to keep your focus clear and centered! My favorite scripture for this last week though, was Moroni 10:32, "Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him"!

-Sister Karony-ism for this week: I also rescued an escaped puppy and Sister Crofts and I helped an abandoned nursing mother cat. We've had a very adventurous weekend! Then last night I had a dream that I got transferred from Moses Lake and some how ended up helping a sick weasel in the mission home... It was super random! Sister Crofts and I are the animal rescue duo! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dad, the last talk by Elder Bednar, the very beginning about physical limitations really hit me and made me think of you. I nearly cried. I have seen and can feel through letters from both you and Mom that you have grown so much as you've focused on what matters most because you can't do all the same things you used to be able to do. I love you so much! 

I loved the talk by Elder Christofferson! He totally laid it down that being "spiritual" is not the the need for church. So awesome how he just laid it out and called it out. So awesome-sauce! All the talks were spectacular though, and I can't wait for them to be printable, because there was too much in them to get in just one go. So much still to learn! That's the story of the gospel.

Ya'll's are awesome! I love you! 


Sister Karony

Saved cute puppy!

Saved abandoned mama cat!

Sister Karony can speak cat and call them to her. Food was not the only reason she was okay with being around us. I gots skills! This is just another thing to go on the list to prove that God really does have a sense of humor! 

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