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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Letter_Week 35_Sister Karony_Moses Lake

This week the animal rescue was a bird. We tried fixing its wing, but it was acting like it was it's leg too, so we gave up trying to set it's bones. We carried it around in a box for a few hours because we found it right before we had a lesson and we were booked the rest of the evening. We ended up leaving it with members that put it in a gerbil cage and put it into their tree house. It got out later that week and their dog killed it. Sad ending, but we tried. We were not going to just leave it once we'd found it. Don't worry though; we kept our hands thoroughly cleaned!

I was asked to sing this Sunday for ward conference.

-I felt triumphant when we talked with a lot of people this week. It was really windy two days ago and I saw this lady doing something with her bush that she wasn't quite tall enough to do, so I walked over with Sister Crofts and volunteered her tallness and after denying our offer of service twice, she finally accepted our third offer. We helped her hand pick leaves off the top of her lilac bush. It was fun and her heart was softened. We'll be going back sometime to try teaching her a lesson. She was such an awesome lady, and we wouldn't have met her if we hadn't acted in faith and opened our mouths to offer service.

There is such peace that comes as you face your weaknesses and come unto Christ. Ether 12:27. These experiences are a blessing. I will never quit! I will not let myself be discouraged anymore, I will fight with the power of God and never surrender.

THE ATONEMENT IS REAL!!!  I feel like I am starting to really come into my own out here, that I am seeing myself and those around me more like our Heavenly Father sees us. 

I'm getting distracted by my companion watching the Mormon channel two brothers two series. Ahh! Sorry! I'm fighting it!

-I'm ponderizing this week Alma 61:14. If my words can't resist evil, I will take action and fight with the sword, truth, so that I will retain my freedom from sin through Jesus Christ.

Thank you dad for your support and mom's!

"I have been changed for good"!

I can't possibly express how much I love being a missionary, coming to know my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ better, and learning to understand and listen to the Holy Ghost. I love my companion so much; she is amazing! Heavenly Father knew that I'd need her at this time in my life and I am so grateful He gave her to be my companion. She's AWESOME!

I love ya'll's!


Sister Karony

Coolest thing ever! It moves whenever you make noise, and also can play the song and dance to it. Was at a member's home.​

Supplies and box with the bird inside​

Trying to set the wing. ​

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