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Monday, October 26, 2015

Letter_Week 36_Sister Karony_Moses Lake

So, I'm getting doubled out again! I'm off to Mission Ridge and Sister Crofts is off to the northernmost edge of the mission, Oroville! We are excited, but going to miss this ward! Moses Lake has been awesome!

Happy Birthday to you Grandmother Karony! You're awesome and I love you!
Mom, let Summer know I miss and love her and that I have her and Ed and Ocean in my prayers.

We found 3 new investigators! And we got members out with us almost every day! So many miracles! The area will have plenty of work for the new Sisters coming in. So this is triumph as well!

I will miss this awesome ward. And they will miss us, but I don't think Bishop Manly will miss all the animals we kept finding and bringing home for help... we never took any of the animals home to keep, just to get food and water and supplies. Living with our Bishop and his family has been fun!
We had 3 members come out with us on Saturday, and that was almost all day long! We found 3 new investigators! One of them was a Jehovah's Witness who actually was willing to read out of the Book of Mormon and listened to us. We did catch him off guard and without his bible, mwahahaha, but he was sincerely interested in understanding our message. He was an electronic referral we got and I found out today that he referred himself. So funny! I think he's trying to "save" us, or he's simply curious. The new Sisters will be having a appt with him on Thursday. We also met an awesome couple who had lots of good questions about the Gospel. We met them this way: We were trying by a less active, who didn't answer the door, when I asked Sister Crofts if she felt there was a door we needed to knock on. She headed straight for their door, and after our awesome member, who also was an RM, answered the questions we weren't sure how to answer, we taught the Restoration and they are now new investigators! We meet them tomorrow in the evening. So glad I get to see them one more time! We did all this, and more, while I was sick!

My ponderizer this week is Alma 24: 12, 15. My theme is swords and fighting evil for this month and/or however long I want to keep it that way. 

Sister Karony

Posing with Bishop Manly's giant blow up pumpkins! Sister Crofts just finished that headband and I finished my hat! Only took me 5 times to get it right... so glad it's finally finished!

Another rescue. We were looking for his owners because he didn't have a tag on his collar. They ended up finding us by following Bullet's, the dog's, barking an hour later. Happy ending! Asking "Is that your dog?" IS a great way to start and OYM and contact people! 

Having a lesson with Bullet in the back seat of a returning less active's car! Yes, he licked my face! Was super fun that evening! 

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