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Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter_Week 17_Othello_Sister Karony


So, General Conference was AWESOME!!! General Conference on your mission is EVEN MORE AWESOME!!! Every single talk totally blew us out of the water!

So yea, this week was going to the temple, shopping trip with members, General conference, trimming monster rose bushes, and getting to hold a baby pig... just another normal week in mission-land!

So, I did absolutely love Elder Holland and all of Elder Uchtdorf's talks. Elder Packer's though was a doozy though! "for we saw Him"- their words are my words"." The Elders and us were a hilarious picture of dropped jaws!

So yeah, this week was crazy, but so spiritually filling and revitalizing. And it was all dreadfully needed! Oh, here's the song that Sister Smith and I made. I wrote it and she made it a cohesive whole. Couldn't have done it without her! Now I just need my ukulele so that we can do the music with it!

I love being a missionary!

My words of Sister MaKarony wisdom this week are to heed and act on the council and words of the Prophet and the Apostles, and GA's.

Yes, people here call me Sister MaKarony (macaroni); and I blame you gladly mother! They'll never forget Sisters MaKarony and Cheese (Smith)! The kids especially love calling me by it.


Sister Karony

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