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Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter_Week 16_Othello_Sister Karony


It's really funny when your mom puts things on the envelopes of the cards or letters she sends you, like S.W.A.G. or something like that, and you have to ask your companion what it stands for. Then she looks at you like you've lived under a rock your whole life (maybe... :P) and that you should already know the answer... My parents are definitely MORE with the times that I ever will be! Love ya Ma and Popsicle!

So today we went to the Temple again! The temple on your mission is awesome! Granted, I'd only been about 2 times before shipping out, but it's definitely the well of water in the dry desert world. I got the package with the family name and got to do her work in the temple today! I was so thrilled it got here in time. 

It's been a strange week, we totally killed it on meeting our goals of teaching lessons to investigators, we did so many! It was awesome! We also built a mini-house for one of our investigator's kids... yes, house, with kitchen counter, doorbell, sink, pergola, etc. We actually spent two days building it. I'll email the pictures in another email.

Also, it was an awesome fast and testimony meeting on Sunday. I said opening prayer for sacrament in front of our Area of the Seventy Authority (Regional General Authority Leader), who lives in one of our wards. He's the only one in the entire mission area. Also, we had a few minutes to talk to him and his wife after the meeting.  Apparently Sister Smith and I did something right, cuz President Ware texted us to say he'd called this Leader and he'd told Pres. Ware how impressed he was with us and that we were great missionaries. We were totally excited! It was awesome! It was a humbling and reassuring experience to know that someone thought we were doing the right things. Gave us a much appreciated boost. 

Cuz, I've still been struggling with sleeping, but not as in sleeping until noon or something, but like 6:45 at the latest, or falling asleep before lunch. It's been a struggle, but I'm improving and striving for better! I'm being blessed already for my actions! Look up "Do" in the index. It's awesome! Totally hit it home for me. Again, not that I wasn't already working on it, but it really sunk into my heart just how vital it is and the value of what is called “Exact Obedience” (putting your trust in the Lord and following his commandments and expecting the blessing will come!) I need to put in the effort. It’s like the Lord’s version of Just "DO" it!

Well, we also had a jam out session with a member family here after dinner with them. They all play guitar and so did the 2 Elders who were also at dinner, and Sister Smith; I only sing... But we all totally rocked out with them though! Such an awesome family!

I'm still learning lots of, both, wonderful and terrible things about myself out here; and continue to be amazed at how well the Lord is able to work with “the weak things”... IT'S AWESOME!

The only time Dragons are spoken of with a positive connotation in the scriptures: Mos. 20:11.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!!! (I know it's not Sunday yet, but incase my card doesn't get there, anyways :P) the big 13!!! You rock baby sis! It was totally worth waiting 2 ornery brothers for you! I can't tell you how much or how hard I prayed for a little sister, but it was A LOT!!! Now I'm gonna save the rest of the gushy sentimental stuff for your card! I love ya! 

There really is so much to write about, but there's so little time. I sent you a letter today that gives more detail about some of this past week, but I'm probably writing you another one to share more later :P. I'm exhausted, 

Love ya'll's!

Love, Sister Karony

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