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Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter_Week 13_TRANSFERS!!!_Sister Karony

Hallo Familie!

Mir gehts sehr gut! Wie gehts alle?

So this Saturday we got transfer calls and I'm going to Othello, WA to serve in two wards there. My new companion is Sister Smith, who was also trained here in Hermiston, OR. It's awesome! I'm so excited to be going some place new! AND I'm getting what they call "greenie-busted". I won't be the trainee anymore. (Was never really "green", and people thought I'd been out here for more than a few months :P. lol... little do they know... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!)

I'm going to miss Sister Fletcher! She has less than 9 months left out here, so at least I'll see her around until then!

So we've just been packing today and tomorrow will be for last appointments with investigators and goodbyes. I'm going to miss everyone here dearly, they really have become "my people". So, the Oregonians are down, and NOW I'm getting the Washingtonians!!! Give President Hall and Bishop Higbee a shout out for me!!!

This past week has been a good one, but sometimes I just stop for a second and think about how crazy this whole thing is.

... I'm in Hermiston, OR... teaching people about Jesus... 24/7... HUH!??!?! ... then I shrug and we go teach an ex-drug dealer about the Restoration...

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The members say they're going to miss me here, and our investigators were sad to say good bye. I'm definitely coming back to visit after my mission. A couple people say they'll hunt me down otherwise... don't want that!.... JK!!! but really, I love these people here a lot. I'll miss them tons!

We've got lots to do and so little time to do it all, so this letter's going to be shorter.

Ma' Fam': Read D&C 127! I couldn't stop laughing after reading this! I literally could hear Joseph Smith talking, except he sounded like he was from the hood! Not only that though, cuz it also really applies to our life. Thought that was the funniest/most serendipitous thing about it 

Remember, the more Satan tries to beat you down, the more we know that we're doing something right!!!

Read and pray everyday!


Sister Karony

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