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Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter_Week 14_Othello, WA_Sister Karony

Dear Familie, 

I'm a minority foreign language speaker now like when I’m overseas! YEA!!! Finally! My version of normalcy! Everyone in this little town speaks Spanish, so we don't do tracting. We depend on members and the Elders for referrals. It's awesome though! My companion, Sister Smith, is the coolest! She's a classical pianist and has all the music that I could ever desire to listen to! I'm loving it! She's also really funny. Gotta love redheads! She was "born" in Hermiston too, so we have a lot to talk about with each other. She misses everyone down there.

We live in the basement of a really nice house on memory foam mattresses... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! No more basement!

So, there's really nothing better than coming to a new area... then getting sick and sleeping for three days straight... ARGH!!!!!!! I hate you flu! Needless to say I am still sick, but am up and about even if it kills me! It's days like this that you praise the Lord for the creation of chicken noodle soup!

 So coming to Othello (pronounced owe-thello) was a dream come true. The second I'd known there was an area named after my favorite Shakespeare play, I said I wanted to go there. Of course they shot my 2 week old self down without mercy with sayings like, "it's Spanish, you'll never go there." and such and such and such... SO TAKE THAT! You Debbie-Downers! I'm in Othello right now! BOOYAH!!!!! 

I love you all! Thanks mom for the candy I got this past week. Don't forget my Frozen CD (could you throw in the Beauty and the Beast too? XDK), and that I love you! ;) 

I loved hearing form you Luka! Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see how tall you are when I get home!  

I love and miss you all! Thanks for all the support you've given me! It makes all the difference to know I have cheerleaders back home. I may be bone tired, or sick as a dog, but I'm not stopping because I know I don't have to! I love y’all's!

(The longer I'm out here the more and more my Virginian accent comes out... at least it's not Utah!!! (no offense :P hehehehe))

Keep reading your scriptures and praying! Do it as a family when you can! Remember that if you don't have time to read your scriptures and pray and go to church, you're WAY busier than God ever intended you to be! 

Stay awesome ya'll's!


Sister Karony

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