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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Letter Week_40_Sister Karony_Mission Ridge

I got my “trunky call” last Tuesday and the mission office wants to know if you are going to drive and pick me up from my mission or not? Let me know by next Monday so they can know whether to book a ticket for my flight home or not. A “trunky call” is the call you get 4 months before you go home to discuss what you need to return home and what your itinerary is. It's every missionary's least favorite call, ever!  Also, don't forget to do my Christmas present, the family history booklet! Sister Lewis talked about it on the mission blog.

This past week we had interviews with President and Sister Lewis on Tuesday, then the Temple on Wednesday. It was crazy and awesome and exhausting. We went a 5 mile hike today in Leavenworth called Icicle Ridge. So much fun.

I find value in not judging others, especially when I don't know their situation and all the details. All that matters, I have learned, is that I am here to be with others, listen to the Spirit, and follow the Lord’s promptings.  I am reminded of the story from a talk this past "Truly good and without guile": "I moved into an area with an elder I didn’t know. I had heard other missionaries talk about how he had never received any leadership assignments and how he struggled with the Korean language despite having been in the country a long time. But as I got to know this elder, I found he was one of the most obedient and faithful missionaries I had known. He studied when it was time to study; he worked when it was time to work. He left the apartment on time and returned on time. He was diligent in studying Korean even though the language was especially difficult for him.
When I realized the comments I had heard were untrue, I felt like this missionary was being misjudged as unsuccessful. I wanted to tell the whole mission what I had discovered about this elder. I shared with my mission president my desire to correct this misunderstanding. His response was, “Heavenly Father knows this young man is a successful missionary, and so do I.” He added, “And now you know too, so who else really matters?” 

Our Ward is really feeling the missionary spirit. They had an awesome lesson on missionary work in Relief society yesterday and they really called for the Sisters to rise to the occasion. The fire is starting to burn brighter! Miracles are abounding every day here! We have a bunch of lessons planned this week where members will be coming out with us. We are so excited! 

Onwards and Upwards!!!

My ponderizer this week is Jacob 1:19. 

I am learning so much! I love my mission!


Sister Karony

Me (sideways!)

Our Zone


Leavenworth, a Bavarian copy cat tourist trap town. The closest I can to home without actually being able to go there.

Wenatchee Zone (minus 2 Sisters)!!! We made it to the TOP!!!

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