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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Letter_Week 12_Sister Karony

Hey Familie!!!

This past week was exhausting. I was stuck inside for 3 days straight because of what the Doctor confirmed was walking pneumonia... CABIN FEVER!!! I was seriously bored, because you can't read scriptures 24/7, as much as I would love that, and I even started folding plastic bags into triangles like Ahnaang taught me.

.. Sister Fletcher cleaned and reorganized the entire basement, which looks livable and
 human friendly now! 
It was awesome to finally get out on Friday, I've never been so happy to
 work in free
zing rain!

*Mom Note: Lisl was one of those kids who were bullied.  However, Lisl has a great sense of self-worth! She may have been victimized, but she was NEVER a Victim.  After dealing with a difficult member this last week, she wrote me about the experience.  Her poem about her view really put me on my backside.  She has an interesting theory as to why she has been asked to deal with so many unpleasant individual in her life -- She is sooo awesome!  Back to Lisl:

I learned a lot about my childhood bullies this week... how much they must have been hurting themselves in order to do those horrid things they did/0r said to me. I hope that those wounds have healed with time or that they've tried to become better people. In a way, I'm glad they chose me to pick on, because I can take everything someone could ever choose to dish out, then walk away like "whatever". 

I know that I can take, so I'd rather been the victim than somebody else who doesn't have that ability to walk away from it. And I'm not saying that I'm not affected by all those things I've been through, I have the mental scars to prove it, but I've realized that I have the ability to deal with it along with my many other purposes and overall mission in life.

Two days ago my poetry started up again and the inspiration gave me this:

You thought you were forgotten,
but you're not, you silly goose,
ou had friends, those you needed,
but then you chose to bring the noose.
Everytime that I'm called names,
get angy and upset,
whilst you're taking part in it,
in whispers under your breath.
When you are called silly names,
that are obviously to endear,
you hurt because when you do it in return,
you're not joking, you really mean it all,
and to know that, really hurts.
This isn't how you want to be,
on this path of self-destruction

and so He's sent you me,
who He's prepped to do this very thing,
Of helping you come back to Him.
It's always been about you,
a fact that's clearly seen,
and now He's let me see you,
so that We can help you be.
Help you be who you truly are,
be who, without the scars,
be exactly as He sees you to be,
A view that He has shared with me.
And so you have an ally,
to who you truly are in soul,
who's seen your very worst,
and sees how you can soar.
Remember the Atonement,
Christ knows you, don't forget
He knows exactly how you feel,
He knows exactly how you've felt,
So He knows exactly how to heal
So He sent you one who wouldn't keel,
who could withstand all that you've dealt,

who'd love you with His passionate zeal,
and loves you without fault.
And so He sent you me,
a fact that's plain to see,
so here I am,
I've made my stand,
I'll fight Satan tooth and nail for you,
To show you the freedom you CAN choose,
because WE ALL love YOU!
Please don't let yourself forget.

Now I understand. 
For those the Lord has and will sent me to, they've got a lifelong friend. 
Since we didn't do much this week, there's not much else to write. I can only say that my eyes have been truly opened to something I've struggled with most 
of my life to understand. They say that your mission is 50 years of spiritual growth packed into 24 or 18 months... they were absolutely right!
I love being a missionary! I wouldn't trade this for the world!
Now I'm off to go spiritually punch 
Satan in the face by teaching the Gospel!
POW!!! ..... Mwahahahahaha!


Sister Karony

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